Mass-haul and scheduling software

Any deviation to the schedule affects the bottom line - DynaRoad enables you to manage the project based on production factors, with 4-8 weeks' faster response time

Construction is location specific - DynaRoad helps you plan, schedule and control your project based on the location

Construction is resource-based - DynaRoad helps you plan, schedule and control quantities, resources and production rates

DynaRoad is a project management tool specifically designed for civil construction and major earthworks projects. 

Manage the job from early design to construction with DynaRoad, brought to you by Position Partners.

The software provides benefits throughout the project phases by allowing quicker, more realistic and more accurate planning and analysis compared with traditional methods. 


Dyna Road provides a complete scheduling system, specifically developed for civil works and infrastructure projects. Build the schedule manually or from a resource-base according to the mass haul plan. 

DynaRoad is the ONLY tool on the market that combines location-based CPM scheduling with mass-haul optimisation. 

Display planning on your map

Map-based planning is the ideal environment for complex traffic planning, site work and presentation of the overall project.

  • Plan and present directly on the project map
  • Move back and forward in time to show the different stages of the plan
  • Display crew locations, traffic planning, completed tasks and other colour-coded information

Location-based control 

DynaRoad's Time-Location view gives you an instant snapshot of the project to see: 

  • Production order
  • Movement of crews
  • Haul distances
  • Production breaks
  • Risk zones

Input work progress information for a complete project status report comparing real production results to the original schedule. Intelligent forecasting keeps you abreast of potential problems weeks in advance. 

Resource planning

Activities are built up based on amount of work, resources and production rates. In Dyna Road, all views are linked and updated in real time, for full control of machine capacity required and a realistic schedule to complete work. Data on resources, crews and production rates are all saved in a template to support future projects. 

Mass-haul management

Get an optimised mass haul plan with the shortest haul distances possible, while ensuring efficient use of all available materials. Expensive mass deficit and surplus are easily eliminated and evaluation of alternative design solutions is fast and inexpensive. 

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