Topcon Delta

Comprehensive optical monitoring solution

With Topcon Delta, users have a complete workflow solution for all their monitoring needs, including hardware, software and automated alerts. Mitigate risk on your site with this industry-leading platform.

Benefits include:

  • Precision measurements via the recording and processing of motorised robotic total station and environmental sensor data
  • Integrated communications for remote connectivity
  • Network adjustment and analysis with automated quality control including elimination of outliers
  • Scalable and reliable hardware that’s durable to withstand Australia’s harsh climate
  • Sophisticated reporting, visualisation and alarm functionality

Topcon Delta Link

Delta Link provides hardware support for autonomous operation in the field. Communications options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi and a globally approved integrated cellular modem. A 110/240 VAC standard power supply with an internal battery backup ensures continuous operation during power outages. An external battery and solar panel can also be used when mains power is not available. Delta Link manages each power source to maximise system availability.

Topcon Delta Log

Accessed via a secure web portal, Delta Log provides an intuitive interface to manage observations, target types, and measurement scheduling. Unique matrix detection enables advanced functionality in a simple platform. In the event that communication with the Delta Watch database fails, Delta Log will continue to operate the total station to ensure seamless connectivity. As soon as connection is restored, the database is updated and synchronised to mitigate any disruption.

No loss of data ensures consistency and reliability in the representation and reporting of your data.

Topcon Delta Watch

Delta Watch software provides a modular solution to monitor, manage and evaluate automatic and/or manual monitoring data as well as trigger customised alarms. Data from the Topcon MS AXII, GNSS receivers, levelling devices and a variety of geotechnical and structural sensors is processed and analysed either separately or as a network-adjusted solution.

Delta Watch is a standalone software platform that delivers accurate and reliable data in a wide range of reporting formats to fit with existing workflows and software solutions. Or, feed processed data directly into your third party visualisation software for seamless integration.

Customisable alerts via SMS and/or email will be triggered when measurements exceed programmed limitations. Fully customisable reports can be sent on schedule and after an alarm has been triggered, as required.  


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