Topcon ES and OS Reflectorless Total Stations

Topcon's new reflectorless total stations, the ES and OS Series, deliver never before seen technology that enables you to survey quickly and accurately with one of the fastest EDM rates on the market. Measuring to dark surfaces, tight corners and wet pavements is easy, plus with long range Bluetooth capability you can record points from the pole without using radios!

5 unique reasons why you will survey better with these NEW total stations:

  1. Survey dark and wet surfaces at long range
If you need to measure dark surfaces such as coal mine applications, bitumen roads, wet pavements and dark roof areas, you need to see these new total stations in action! The OS and ES Series total stations accurately measure dark objects to long distances up to 500 metres away in reflectorless mode.
  2. Measure tight corners and narrow objects
Topcon ES and OS Series feature a very narrow beam that enables you to accurately measure tight corners and thin objects such as wires. You can also measure beyond objects such as chainlink fences and save time by not having to navigate the fence itself.
  3. Survey from the pole without using radios
Using Topcon LongLink technology, you can remain at the pole to take measurements from 300 metres away without using a radio! With the use of a Bluetooth-enabled data collector such as the Tesla, you can accurately attribute points (at the curb, for example) and reduce jobsite errors.
  4. Save time with best-in-class EDM rate
The Topcon ES and OS Series total stations have a 0.9 second measurement time up to 500 metres in reflectorless mode and 4,000 metres in standard mode. This ensures you can get accurate, rapid measurements and save time on the job.
  5. Get updates in the field and secure your investment
Topcon has introduced a world first with TS Shield - this new function means you can get instant wireless software and firmware updates in the field and even download them directly via WLAN connection. Plus, using a secure web portal, customers can track the location of their instrument(s) when they are turned on, a handy feature if your ES or OS is misplaced or stolen.


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