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Laser Receivers

Get to grade faster without relying on grade checkers using Topcon’s machine laser receivers. Suitable to use on all machines of any make or model, these handy receivers fit tightly to the machine to ensure they deliver accurate results and guide the operator to grade to save time and reduce re-work.

  • Machine Control Receiver imex MR240 | position partners

    Imex MR240 Machine Control Receiver

    The great MR240 machine control receiver from IMEX has a 240° pick-up and can be used as a standalo...
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  • MR360 Machine Control Receiver | Position Partners

    Imex MR360 Machine Control Receiver

    The optimum in time saving for all grader, dozer, bobcat or scraper operations. Full 360˚ reception...
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  • Topcon electronic mast and machine receiver LS-B110

    Topcon Electronic Mast + Laser Receiver

    Use the Topcon TM-1 electronic mast and LS-B110 Series of laser receivers to get to grade quickly an...
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  • Topcon LS-B100 Laser Receivers | position Partners

    Topcon LS-B100 Laser Receivers

    360 degree laser receivers compatible with a wide range of machine types. Choose from the LS-B100, L...
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  • Topcon LS-B10 Laser Receivers | Position Partners

    Topcon LS-B10 Laser Receivers

    Compact magnetic machine mount receiver series with wireless bluetooth option. Easy to follow bright...
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