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3D Machine Control for sale in Asia

The trusted leaders in machine control technology throughout South East Asia, with successful projects throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and more

Position Partners is the industry leader when it comes to Topcon 3D machine control technology. Our expert team offers sales, rental, training and support to ensure you get the most from your investment.

We supplement Topcon machine control with Tokara remote access and support technology, which enables our technicians to login to your system whether you’re working in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong or elsewhere in South East Asia.

Topcon systems are trusted around the world because they are easy to use, accurate and designed with the contractor in mind. With the ability to swap technology between machines and upgrade from 2D machine control to a Topcon 3D solution without buying a whole new system, Position Partners can help contractors and engineers to save time and reduce labour with innovate solutions.

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  • Topcon 3D-MC machine control

    Topcon 3D-MC

    3D machine control with single, twin or dual antenna options - use on multiple machines including do...
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  • Topcon 3D-MC² Machine control FOR GRADERS

    Topcon 3D-MC² For Graders

    Get to grade with precision at speed and to tight tolerances using this unique Topcon 3D machine con...
    inc GST
  • Topcon 3MC2- Machine Control

    Topcon 3D-MC²

    3D machine control that enables dozers to perform like graders! Topcon 3D-MC² enables faster perfor...
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  • Topcon 3D-MCMAX Topcon grade control for dozer

    Topcon 3D-MCMAX

    Topcon's most advanced dozer 3D grade control system, Topcon 3D-MCMAX   enables you to ...
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  • Topcon LPS Robotic Grader | Topcon LPS For Paving

    Topcon LPS Robotic Grader

    Robotic total station 3D machine control for fine tolerance grading applications. Topcon LPS is a ve...
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  • Topcon LPS Robotic Grader | Topcon LPS For Paving

    Topcon LPS For Paving

    Fine tolerance paving finish when GNSS is unavailable. Ideal for use in tunnels, working around or u...
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  • Topcon Millimetre GPS for Paving | Position Partners

    Topcon Millimetre GPS For Paving

    Combines advanced GNSS positioning with Topcon's unique laser transmitter technology for precision p...
    inc GST

    Topcon Millimetre GPS+

    Final trim precision with Topcon's unique combination of GPS and laser transmitter technology. Scale...
    inc GST
  • Topcon SmoothRide

    Topcon SmoothRide

    Smoothride is an end-to-end road resurfacing solution for scanning, designing, milling and paving. ...
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  • Topcon X-53 3D Excavator Machine Control

    Topcon X-53-3D Excavator Machine Control

    Advanced 3D excavator machine control that you can swap to your digger, grader or other machine. Onl...
    inc GST

    Topcon X-53i Excavator

    Excavator indicate guidance to grade in a user-friendly Topcon interface. Topcon fits to all makes a...
    inc GST
  • Excavator LPS Topcon

    Topcon X-53i LPS

    Total Station 3D machine control for excavators. Ideal for use in projects that do not have clear sk...
    inc GST
  • Topcon C-53 Compaction

    Topcon C-53

    Get your compactors working together in harmony with Topcon's intelligent compaction technology. The...
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  • Topcon 3D-MC Indicate

    Indicate only 3D machine control for earthmoving applications. Ideal for dozers, compactors, scraper...
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  • Topcon LPS

    Topcon LPS for Kerbing

    Fine tolerance kerbing results when GNSS is unavailable, Topcon LPS for kerbing machines works with ...
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