iVolve Fleet Management System

iVolve Fleet Management System

ivolve fleet management system
Fleet Management System

Ivolve Fleet Management System gives mine operations managers a window into site operations to manage the site more effectively.

There are 4 key benefit areas with iVolve delivering valuable clarity to mine managers:

  1. Production Management – visibility over and optimisation of material movement
  2. Plant Asset Management – manage key assets across the mine site in a single platform
  3. Maintenance Management – get proactive about plant maintenance
  4. Safety and Risk Management – proximity and situational awareness to give operators greater visibility about other machines and potential hazards on site

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Map Based Visualisation
  • Instantly see the location and status of vehicles and operators, with  snapshots of production data for each vehicle & circuit
  • Dashboards showing real-time progress of the shift and vehicle timeline.
  • Easily update and edit production data. Manage operator, vehicle and materials lists and geofences.
  • Get a full picture during incident investigation Replay – analyse and report on historical fleet movements.
Locate & view detailed live data
Manage shift load cycle data
Manage site configurations
Production Management

For open pit mining, digger and haul truck operations are key. Optimising equipment utilisation is essential to meet high production demands and minimise downtime of machines.

Poor haul truck optimisation (under/over-loading of trucks) can have an impact on production levels and increase maintenance costs. Production Manager™ enables site personnel to view the haul truckload cycle in real-time, enabling instant production decision making for improved circuit management. In addition to real-time management, Production Manager also provides scheduling reporting.

Through close monitoring and record keeping of each step of the haul truck load cycle, Production Manager™ enables real-time production decision making. Information is sent instantly via the Nexis™ network to the iVolve Server for real-time access by site personnel along with reporting requirements.

As a training aid Production Manager™ gives shift leaders remote access and a thorough overview of the entire site and every machine within it. Each new operator’s performance can be remotely monitored and appraised, with training requirements tailored accordingly.

Dispatch personnel gain functional access to direct mobile fleet asset movements and control production activity, ensuring that daily mine plan production requirements are met whilst utilising assets in the most cost-effective manner.

Production Manager™ displays tonnage, BCM, material, location and centre-of-gravity data directly to the excavator operator via an in-cab screen, assisting optimal loading of every truck.

Plant Asset Management

Managing key assets across large mine sites has its challenges. Plant Manager enables remote monitoring of construction equipment and complete control of lighting plants and pumps, reducing site costs significantly. PAMS Lighting Plant Manager provides several status of lighting plant such as fuel levels, engine temperature, door status and boom position.

Plant Manager™ provides the following features:

  • Fuel level and engine condition monitoring
  • Engine hour logging
  • Door and boom state detection and reporting
  • Engine prestart siren/beacon
  • Remote timed for start/stop control
  • Remote manual start/stop for maintenance checks
  • GPS tracking and tagging
  • Integrated Nexis Mesh router
  • Centralised reporting

Supporting a wide range of inputs, Plant Manager monitors the status of plant including fuel and oil levels, engine temperature, door status and boom position.

Automated engine start and stop can be setup based on a required time schedule, or manually turned on and off when working within a network coverage area.  A prestart siren and beacon are provided to ensure maximum safety for automation of machinery.

For autiding and reporting, Plant Manager can be setup to log GPS locations of devices into the database, along with displaying real-time position and equipment data of the lighting plant via the iControl application software.

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