PN-A5 GNSS Antenna

PN-A5 GNSS Antenna

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Unmatched signal tracking and multipath reduction.

Topcon’s newly designed PN-A5 antenna combines the Topcon’s new TA-5 full spectrum GNSS antenna element with an innovative convex impedance ground plane. The TA-5 antenna element utilises an array of vertical dipoles to provide highly sensitive and stable Full Wave signal tracking for all existing and planned GNSS signals.

Topcon’s new convex impedance ground plane provides improved multipath mitigation while providing minimum signal loss for satellites tracked to the horizon.

Some of the features include:

  • High-end Geodetic Antenna
  • Topcon’s TA-5 vertical convex dipole antenna element for full spectrum GNSS signal tracking
  • Topcon newly design semi-hemispherical convex impedance ground plane
  • Environmentally robust and sealed
  • Minimised phase centre offset variations in vertical within GNSS frequency band. Improved tracking for low elevation satellites providing reliable signal tracking from the local horizon to zenith.


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