Technical support wherever you’re working

Position Partners technicians are experts in their field and with the remote service capabilities enabled with Tokara Link, these technicians can solve most technical issues that arise without the need to visit the machine(s) in person, saving you time and keeping you within your budgets.

Tokara Link is an Australian-designed telematics solution created specifically to improve efficiency and productivity for earthworks and civil construction projects.

Using a modem installed in the machine, Tokara Link connects your machines to the office, provides access to Position Partners’ technical support and links you to any GNSS/GPS network required for the job.

Tokara Link also offers project managers, surveyors and other key stakeholders the ability to login to a user-friendly web portal to track and manage their machines and survey instruments, or send design updates to the field without leaving the office.

“We, at Position Partners, have always prioritised timely and efficient support because we know that if your machine control system isn’t working then you’re not making money,” said Aaron Krenske, Networking Solutions Manager at Position Partners.

“This led us to the development of Tokara Link, which enables our technicians to solve most problems without even visiting the site!”

Tokara is designed to help you get the most from your machine control and survey technology with fast, comprehensive support when you need it.

Tokara Link also makes training your staff on the machine and equipment very simple and enables you to keep working on site while working on any issues or problems remotely. Position Partners has been able to develop its Tokara suite through the unique set of skills and expertise built up by the company over many years.

“Our unique blend of experience and industry knowledge means that we are ideally placed to deliver a single industry-wide solution: we understand the business, we understand our customers, and we understand what they want to achieve,” Mr Krenske added.

Tokara has been developed in Australia, using Australian skills and programmers, based around customer requirements, and has been extensively tested with contractors and end-users throughout the country so that we know it works in our harsh environment and with our often-challenging telecommunications networks.”

As a locally designed and managed service, Tokara Link is responsive to the needs of its customers, Mr Krenske explained. Used widely by the civil construction industry from major infrastructure projects to residential developments and a host of other applications and markets, Tokara is a trusted and relied upon service to help customers keep projects running efficiently with minimum downtime.

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