iDig benefits contractors large and small

Digger game changer

Contractors large and small report time and manpower savings while eliminating rework with this innovative 2D excavator grade control solution. By giving operators real time information about depth, distance and slope, direct to the cab without…
PHL surveyors choose Topcon

PHL Surveyors Integrate Workflow

PHL Surveyors has been using MAGNET software since the late 80s and first purchased Topcon robotic total stations, about seven years ago from Position Partners. About two years ago, PHL Surveyors decided to fully integrate its system by purchasing…
Sirius AUV

RPAS system with PPK from Position Partners provides ease-of-use, consistency of product and reliability

“Mavinci is hard to top because of ease of use, consistency of product and reliability,” said Brent Manuel, Superintendent – Survey, BHP. Brent Manual and his team at BHP are working on site at Mt Arthur, one of the largest producers…
Grade Control For Dozers To Buy Or To Rent From Position Partners

Topcon 3D-MCMAX takes dozer GPS machine control to the next level of performance

Digwright Pty Ltd had been using Topcon 3D-MC2 systems from Position Partners on its dozers since 2009 and had always found the 3D-MC2 systems to be more responsive and smoother than other systems on the market, so when the opportunity to implement…
Grade control Systems | position partners

Topcon has the edge

Cairns-based construction firm chooses Topcon for accuracy, ease of use and flexibility Kenfrost is a mid-sized construction company that specialises in residential building development in Cairns, with a civil construction division that offers…
on-board weighing systems

Take a load off

Brenton Simpson manages two Hanson quarries in Victoria, one in Tarrawingee in the North East and another in Moama, on the New South Wales border. Although neither quarry has a weighbridge on site, Mr Simpson says he has minimised risk and increased…