GPS In the Earthmoving Industry – A Brief History

A brief introduction to GPS in the earthmoving industry The Global Positioning System (GPS) was established in 1973 by the United States to overcome the limitations of previous navigation systems and has since grown to hold extensive utility…

Cable and pipe locator technology – the tools of the trade

A guide to cable and pipe locator technology Cable and pipe locator technology presents a solution to critical considerations surrounding the construction industry, ensuring underground utilities are successfully mapped and avoided throughout…

Loader weighing scales – the complete guide

A brief introduction to loader scales New technology that aims to maximise operational results has always been highly adopted across industries dealing with bulk material processing, holding a known ability to yield enticing results. It's rare…
Line Marking robot | Tiny Surveyor

Do you want to see the Tiny Surveyor in action?

During the construction of a road there are several line marking tasks that are traditionally done by a surveyor. The change to a digital construction model means a repeatable task, like line marking, is perfectly suited to automation - allowing…

Why switch? Time to competence for new Topcon and MAGNET users

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Time to competence is a consideration when switching from any hardware or software brand to another. With MAGNET software and Topcon products being used in universities and TAFE courses across Australia, it’s easy to see that this technology…
Topcon FC-6000 Field Tablet

Topcon’s new rugged FC-6000 survey tablet now available from Position Partners

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New model builds on the popular Topcon FC-5000 rugged field tablet, offering faster processing and enhanced functionality. Topcon Positioning Group has released its latest survey tablet that powers all Topcon GNSS, optical instruments and…