blindsight safety system

Presien Announces Distribution Agreement with Position Partners to Expand Safety Solutions

Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners to distribute Presien’s Blindsight AI safety system throughout Australia and New Zealand Presien and Position Partners today announced a distribution agreement to expand access…
proximity detection systems

Using proximity systems to ensure safety on your job site

How do collision avoidance systems work?Safety is a massive priority in the civil construction industry, and justifiably so. Ensuring that all on-site workers make it home safely is no small matter though, and there are a variety of safety systems…
Topcon LN-150 Construction Set Out

Construction Set Out technology: Ideal for plumbers

Get to know construction set outUsing string lines to mark out a job site has long been the only method for tradespeople everywhere. Despite the construction industry’s dependence on them, string lines are far from the perfect system. A measurement…
proximity detection systems for sale Position partners

Guarantee Safety On Your Next Building Site With Proximity Systems

Proximity systems: the future of building safetyProximity systems are comprehensive systems designed to elevate safety standards across the construction industry. They work by utilising various technologies to complement existing safety practices…
Topcon Ln-150 Construction set out tool

Construction Layout Total Station: A game changer for electricians

Construction set out is your new best friendConstruction set out is technology designed to provide an alternative to using string lines to mark out your building site. Construction set out technology provides millimetre perfect data by taking…
Scale calibration services Australia - wide

Position Partners introduces scale installation, calibration and servicing Australia-wide

New fleet of calibration trucks to service on-board scales for loaders, excavators, forklifts and other industrial weighing equipment. Intelligent Positioning Solutions provider Position Partners announces a new scale calibration service…