Machine Laser Receiver Topcon LS-B100

Machine Mounted Receivers Increase Grading and Excavating Potential

The Topcon LS-B100 machine-mounted laser receiver from Position Partners offers accelerated accuracy for grading and excavating, improves safety on site and increases profitability. The LS-B100 machine mounted laser receiver is an affordable…
Topcon new X-53x auto excavator system

Cutting edge technology, combined with cutting edge machinery keeps early adopters ACI Excavations ahead of the pack

ACI Excavations has a reputation for being early adopters of cutting-edge technology, and so it was no surprise that when the company purchased its latest piece of machinery, a 220x series excavator from JCB CEA, they paired it with Topcon’s…
cecil andrews college wa

Students at Cecil Andrews to benefit from Design Engineer Construct supported by Position Partners

Students at Cecil Andrews College in Western Australia to benefit from world-leading Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme, with support from Position Partners. Cecil Andrews is the first school in Australia to introduce the dedicated…
Mining monitoring systems

Mine site monitoring made easy and accessible

The Problem Mine site monitoring has typically been divided into two phases of activity:  collection and analysis. With production pressures on site and staff increasingly becoming more time poor, data is collected often at the expense of…
Sokkia total station and theodolite to buy or hire

New Sokkia total stations designed as part of full, productive workflow solution

Sokkia announces the availability of new robotic total stations designed to improve job site productivity. The iX-1200 and iX-600 total stations are professional-level positioning…
tiny surveyor road marking robot

Tiny Surveyor improves efficiency and safety for the Shire of Esperance’s surveyors

The Shire of Esperance is constantly on the look out for new technology and solutions that can make life easier for the surveyors working on the creation of new roads and maintenance of existing roads within the Shire of Esperance. The Shire…