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Mirtk UHF correction services

Fyfe implements MiRTK when working in highly vegetated and hilly areas

Lauren Baguley, Surveyor, Fyfe was looking for an alternative to UHF when working in the highly vegetated and hilly regions, particularly in the Pilliga Forest near Narrabri, when she was introduced to MiRTK internet enabled corrections from…
z+f Profiler 9020 Position partners

Z+F PROFILER 9020 2D laser scanner available from Position Partners

This highly efficient 2D laser scanner is made for mobile mapping applications and with its scan rate of more than 1 million points/sec. and scanning speed up to 267 profiles/sec., very short distances between profiles can be achieved even at…
Topcon Ln-150 Construction set out tool

NSW Building Construction Legislation enforces build to design and record-keeping: Topcon LN-150 the construction set out tool for the job!

Building Commissioner David Chandler has announced two new Acts in New South Wales that aim to combat poor build quality in some multi-story housing developments. At the same time Mr Chandler has been granted significantly increased rights…
Machine Laser Receiver Topcon LS-B100

Machine Mounted Receivers Increase Grading and Excavating Potential

The Topcon LS-B100 machine-mounted laser receiver from Position Partners offers accelerated accuracy for grading and excavating, improves safety on site and increases profitability. The LS-B100 machine mounted laser receiver is an affordable…
Topcon new X-53x auto excavator system

Cutting edge technology, combined with cutting edge machinery keeps early adopters ACI Excavations ahead of the pack

ACI Excavations has a reputation for being early adopters of cutting-edge technology, and so it was no surprise that when the company purchased its latest piece of machinery, a 220x series excavator from JCB CEA, they paired it with Topcon’s…
cecil andrews college wa

Students at Cecil Andrews to benefit from Design Engineer Construct supported by Position Partners

Students at Cecil Andrews College in Western Australia to benefit from world-leading Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme, with support from Position Partners. Cecil Andrews is the first school in Australia to introduce the dedicated…