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Topcon GX-55

Final Trim – the Topcon way

Topcon machine control technology will provide you with the flexibility to mix and match your grader solution to suit different applications at different stages of the project you’re working on.

With many of the new graders in Australia arriving from the factory or dealer with the option for an integrated system and basic machine control technology already installed, it is more important than ever to ensure you have the best solution on your grader that will not only suit your current needs but also has the ability to grow with your business.

If you rely on a factory fitted system, you may be limited by the fact that these systems are often not upgradeable or transferable between machines, so if you need a more sophisticated solution it can be difficult to proceed without starting again with a different option, this can be needlessly expensive and time consuming.

Ensuring you have the best machine control solution is arguably even more important on your grader because if fine tolerances are not achieved consistently across the site, it will result in rework and extra materials, increasing costs and decreasing efficiencies. Ideally, you need to get the grade right the first time and Topcon machine control can ensure you do.

“The machine control technology available from Topcon is compatible across all machine types, makes and models. This makes it a highly flexible and customisable solution. A GNSS machine control system can be adapted with a high precision laser transmitter that combined will deliver millimetre vertical precision for fine grading tasks, a technology unique to Topcon,” said Josh Allan, Construction Business Manager – Australia, Position Partners.

Topcon machine control technology is the most flexible on the market, so you can mix and match your solutions to suit whatever job you’re working on! All contractors can attest that every job is different and you often need more than one machine control system configuration to complete the range of tasks you work on to the tolerance you require.

For example, across one project, the best solution may need GNSS/GPS in open sky, fine tolerance achieved with mmGPS including a high precision laser transmission, LPS (total station) technology when working in built up areas or dense tree coverage and have the ability to include a sonic tracker to follow the kerb – Topcon has the technology and the flexibility to ensure you’re working seamlessly across every application at every stage of the job.

Topcon grader machine control gives you the option to:

  • Easily swap machine control technology between machines – so you can stretch your machine control system across a range of machines;
  • Scale up or scale down to suit the job – for example you might box out a subdivision with GPS/GNSS but then you can switch to a sonic tracker to follow the kerb. Topcon lets you work with 2D or 3D technology without having to install a whole new system;
  • Combine GPS/GNSS with other technology, including laser or prisms with a total station, to increase accuracy even further for final trim work.

“Topcon has the grader machine control technology you need for final trim, its flexibility and precision is second to none,” said Mr Allan.

“Topcon machine control technology gives you the option to start with an entry-level system, then upgrade and adapt that system by renting, purchasing or swapping components! This means that you can customise the solution to suit you and what you need on the project without having to go out and purchase a whole new system!” he added.

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