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Condition Monitoring

Position Partners has a dedicated monitoring team committed to sourcing and supporting leading technology that is fit for geospatial professional purposes. Our condition monitoring systems are supported throughout the areas we service, including Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Whether you’re looking to buy or hire an optical, monitoring total station based system, or learn more about wireless IoT monitoring platforms, discuss your requirements with our team.

Wireless IoT Monitoring

Senceive is a global leader in innovative IoT wireless condition monitoring solutions. Requiring little maintenance, a versatile choice of wireless nodes can be fixed to almost any surface or structure making them an ideal choice for challenging or hazardous environments as well as highly cost effective for large scale engineering or mine applications.

Optical Monitoring

Traditional monitoring systems are highly reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications. Our monitoring total stations and GNSS solutions are integrated with full-featured condition monitoring software that is easy to use, requires minimal training and is customisable to suit your project and reporting needs.

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