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Fleet Management Systems for Mining

Fleet Management Systems or FMS give you greater visibility over mine site operations in order to make timely, informed decisions as a mine manager or mine operations manager. These integrated solutions are backed by an experienced team of Position Partners mining experts that get to understand your reporting and workflow requirements in order to deliver a truly streamlined and meaningful technology solution.

Fleet Management Systems

iVolve FMS is a full suite solution that optimises mine operations across three key pillars of production, management and safety. With high precision guidance for your fleet of mine excavators, dozers and more, iVolve assists key stakeholders including mine managers, mine operations managers and fleet managers. Position Partners’ custom reporting tools give you the ability to view, filter and analyse your data at the click of the mouse to give you valuable insights into your mine ops

High Precision Machine Guidance

iVolve machine guidance works seamlessly with the Fleet management system platform to give operators and mine managers full visibility about each machine’s productivity and position relative to the mine design. Reduce rework and increase productivity on all dozers, excavators and wheel loaders on site. 

Custom Mine Reporting

Get reports that are meaningful to your mine operations at the click of a mouse! Our custom mine reporting tools leverage Microsoft’s powerful reporting platform, Power BI, with extra smarts and customisation in place to give you the ability to view reports instantly and compare all metrics quickly in a single interface.