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High Precision Machine Guidance

Easy to use, easy to deploy, our range of high precision machine guidance solutions deliver fast return on investment with technology that is sophisticated in its capacity but simple in its interface. Fit to all key machines on your mine site including dozers, excavators, drills, loaders and supervisor vehicles to ensure every machine is working to design and able to perform as efficiently as possible. Minimise re-work and keep check of fleet performance remotely from the office. 

High Precision Dozer

High precision dozer machine guidance to optimise push strategies on your mine site, reduce machine wear and fuel usage and effectively mine to the design without rework. Increase safety by reducing the need for surveyors to work in close proximity to plant on the mine site.

High Precision Excavator

Carlson high precision excavator machine guidance gives you comprehensive data on your excavator operations across the mine site. With real time cut fill information delivered to the operator in the cab, you can eliminate over and under excavation. Get real time updates to the office on excavation operations, plus our unique integrated weighing solution for excavators turns your digger into a control centre for loading operations.

High Precision Drill

Carlson high precision drill systems are available for sale across Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand and suitable for boom arm drills or drill decks. By increasing the accuracy of mine drill applications, Carlson high precision drill guidance works with all makes and models of drill in a simple and highly effective way.

High Precision Wheel Loader

Increase the accuracy of your loader applications on the mine site with high precision wheel loader machine guidance. Carlson technology works with all makes and models of wheel loaders used on the mine site. 

High Precision Supervisor Vehicle

Check as-builts and levels across your mine site with a high precision supervisor vehicle guidance solution. Our machine guidance system for supervisor vehicles combines GNSS positioning with an easy to use control box that uses the same interface as other Carlson machine guidance solutions.