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The construction industry is looking for new solutions to cut down on the billions of dollars lost each year due to inaccu­rate and incompatible project data leading to rework and collaboration breakdowns.

The MAGNET software suite addresses this need by streamlining workflows for contractors, surveyors, modelers, estimators and project managers across each stage of a construction project. This field, cloud and office software suite, when combined with Topcon’s state-of-the-art instruments and machine control, enable users to create and access the right data, in the right place, all the time.

Magnet v7 available at pposition partners

MAGNET closes the gap between the survey and construction industries because it is comprehensive, connected and compatible with a variety of software applications.


Improves productivity across the entire project.

Provides comprehensive application coverage with end-to-end workflows for contractors and surveyors

Keeps your project team connected so that they are on the same page, all the time.

Provides a smoother, more productive digital experience with less data loss.

Compatible with more than 50 industry-standard data formats.




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In The Field

The growing trend is for field personnel to handle data like control points, construction drawings, quality reports and as-built documentation directly from the field controller. In many cases, this can even be done without the need for office software.

Quickly set up your projects; store the information you need; share your daily work instead of sending the whole file back and forth each day; and securely back up the data to the cloud. Clean up large files to isolate the needed project information directly on your field controller. Afterwards, go straight to work with your favorite configurable interface setup ready and accessible for this project and the next.

In The Office

MAGNET puts you in charge of your project data set.

This office software companion to our field-productivity solutions handles the data import-and-export needs and provides project insights for better site management and improved profitability.

The software enables you to optimise digital-infrastructure workflows including machine-control models, material takeoffs, final survey deliverables, point-layout files, paving-resurfacing design and location-based project scheduling for mass-haul earthmoving.

These capabilities make MAGNET software particularly well-suited for earth-moving, paving and surveying applications.

In The Cloud

Store data and insights for access by field crews, machine operators and office team members using MAGNET software, Sitelink3D, Autodesk or Bentley solutions.

Our web service provides seamless field-to-office connectivity for your projects, making a real-time connected data environment possible. Project data is saved to the map, and files can be instantly converted and shared with a field controller or machine.

MAGNET improves productivity as downtime and do-overs are minimised by providing the entire project team with increased accessibility to accurate and consistent cloud-connected geopositioning data.

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