9 Benefits of Carlson LandfillGrade

Waste management facilities are under increasing pressure to maximise efficiency with our finite landfill resources. Adopting Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance, available from Position Partners, is an effective method to increase productivity.

Customers have reported numerous benefits since adopting the Carlson system. The top 9 include:

  1. Optimising the available airspace
  2. Time savings from pre-set design levels.
  3. Increased time, cost, and safety benefits by reducing the need for surveyors to manually measure on site
  4. Eliminating rework by entering in the design plans of landfill cells to the on-board system for operators to work to
  5. Continuous monitoring and control of density and gradient of landfill compaction and final form of landscaping
  6. Records and assists the operator’s work, preventing overfill and recording material placement
  7. Reporting to meet legislative requirements, including minimum compaction rates, as well as cover material placement records
  8. Helps avoid critical zones and hazardous material areas
  9. Reduced fuel consumption, with environmental and cost benefits

To learn more about how you can realise these benefits at your waste management facility, contact Position Partners via 1300 867 266 or visit www.positionpartners.com.au