Consultation and industry training at Position Partners

When it comes to consultation or specialised training, Position Partners offers services that empower your business and limit expenditure

When it comes to construction, knowledge can be one of the most powerful tools you use. With time and money hanging in the balance, you don’t want to run into the results of improper planning or employees without confidence.

Position Partners recognises the importance of careful preparation, consultation, and education when it comes to your workload. That’s why we offer a series of expertly crafted consultation and training services, which can help your project run as productively as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of these services below:

Getting a second opinion – construction consultations

The Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) is our dedicated consulting services business for all manner of civil construction, surveying, or major infrastructure projects.

So, why would you need to think about consultation in the first place?  In all honesty, some businesses are entirely confident with existing internal planning capabilities, so they don’t think about consultation at all.

But you’ll waste more time, energy, and money when using a strategy or approach that isn’t working, or that doesn’t meet the needs of your project. Often, you may not be able to recognise gaps in your operation or know that there are solutions available to improve efficiency and ensure that barriers, restrictions, or issues can be resolved or possibly even replaced with automation or technology.

Consultation with industry experts during the planning stage of your project is an ideal way to make sure you end up with as much time as possible, and can use that time efficiently. You’ll also have access to our onsite or remote support systems once your project is up and running.

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And if you have been considering project consultation, you won’t have to worry about the costs of outsourcing – especially since our in-house ISG team consists of industry experts, safety system integrators, civil engineers, and surveyors who are responsible for providing you with advice and direction across a wide range of touchpoints for your project or business.

So, if you’re starting to think about embracing digital transformation within your industry or upgrading from older technologies, there’s no better place to start your conversation than with our consultation team.

Hitting the books – industry training

Employee training is an integral part of any business, as well as an investment that’s key to optimising workflow and employee value. You don’t need to think of it as going back to school – Position Partner’s Campus Training is the homebase for our customised industry training and education programs, from beginner to advanced and speciality courses.

We offer training across a variety of fields – including surveying, safety system integration, preventative maintenance, site champion, and construction training – with courses specially designed for beginners through to advanced users. This ensures that all customers, service personnel, civil engineers, managers, and other key project staff can benefit from our products to their full extent.

Do you have an idea for training that is bespoke to your business? No problem, we can provide customised Campus Training packages to ensure your needs are covered.

We also offer specialised industry nights and shorter courses that focus more directly on speciality subjects, such as return-on-investments and other topics. Our Campus Training courses are balanced to offer you the best benefits possible while minimising your costs and time spent.

If you don’t want to commit to a full schedule of training, even a single-day course could have a marked improvement in skill and productivity in your chosen area.

So, do you need consultation? We’re ready to hear you out!

We know the value of good customer service, and of the help that a little human connection gives when it comes to what we offer. This is why we’ve never limited our services and provide a wide array of extra solutions to help businesses achieve the best results on their investments. To find out more about our Construction Training courses, consultation or any other training program get in touch with our expert team today.