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Construction set out tool Topcon LN-150

Construction set out: Australian builders’ new best friend

Introducing construction set out 

Have you ever tasked your skilled tradesmen with hours of set out, painstakingly using a string line and tape measures? Or forked out hundreds in labour costs, only to discover your work was out by a few critical millimetres? Suffered extra project time re-doing your work, or trying to organise a surveyor to come to site?

You are not alone.

An estimated 90% of construction sites Australia-wide are still using string lines and a tape measure for set out. This leads to measurement mistakes, which leads to project delays and an increase in project costs to fix these mistakes. Surely there’s an easier way. That’s why Position Partners is offering a hassle-free, easy, construction set out solution for builders across the country.

This site set out technology takes a building plan and positions it to your real-life job site, saving on labour costs and time. If your project makes use of a crane, you need construction set out! Set a few parameters on an easy-to-use tablet, and watch it calculate where all your set out points go right in front of your eyes. Interested?

Construction set out | Position partners

The Topcon LN-150

Position Partners’ construction set out kit, the Topcon LN-150, offers millimetre accuracy and integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

View our video on what’s in the kit here.

On average, 30% of sites use a surveyor for site set out, which is costly, and they are not always available when you want them. Australia is currently facing a national shortage of around 1,500 surveyors, which makes things just that extra bit difficult. The other 70% of sites put the liability on sub-contractors to set out their own points with string lines and tape measures.

The traditional string line method, apart from often leading to measurement mistakes, is also tedious. Traditional string lines involve two or three labourers walking around with a paper plan, tape measure, and string line – that’s your workers spending hours not on the tools.

As a self-levelling instrument, builders can use the Topcon LN-150 by simply referencing a few points on site, and letting it calculate the rest. With one instrument, one builder, and a few minutes, the Topcon LN-150 dramatically reduces mistakes, decreases labour costs, time on site to get the job done, and costs associated with re-work.

Learn more about how to set your reference points in this video.

Toby, owner ofMeadson Constructions said: “I’m a builder not a surveyor and since we’ve been using the Topcon system we’ve reduced our mistakes and it’s made my job a lot easier.”

“Having Tokara support from Position Partners has been really handy, having that survey expertise to help if we need it,” he said.

Accurate measurements for lift shafts, internal walls, penetrations, and more

The Topcon LN-150 site set out instrument and customer support services available from Position Partners bring improved accuracy and efficiency to concreters, electricians, plumbers, and builders across Australia. But what makes it so useful for builders in particular?

Builders need measurements for the ‘big picture’. By getting an accurate view of the whole project, builders spend less time fixing mistakes and more time ensuring the project stays on time and on budget. With the LN-150, builders can easily re-check the work of their subcontractors and avoid conflicts between them. Some of the most common measuring work that construction set out technology makes easier is measurements for lift shafts, internal walls, holding down bolts, penetrations, and more.

By taking in the whole building plan in one go, the Topcon LN-150 site set out instrument hastens the process beyond the regular capacities of builders on the ground. For this reason, construction set out technology is best for construction projects reaching three stories or more. A good rule of thumb is: if you’ve got a project that needs a crane, your project could probably use the Topcon LN-150

Never touch a string line again!

Discover what Position Partners’ Topcon LN-150 construction set out kit can do for your next project. If you think measuring more accurately and efficiently sounds good to you, just contact the team at Position Partners and never touch a string line again.


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