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Topcon Construction Layout tool

Do the survey work yourself with the LN-100 layout navigator

According to the Department of Jobs and Small Business, many employers are unable to attract surveyors to fill their vacancies due to a shortage of surveyors in South Australia, Victoria, metropolitan Queensland, and urban and regional NSW. To reduce the impact of this skills shortage on your business, implement the Topcon LN-100 3D positioning system from Position Partners on your site and do the survey work yourself!

The LN-100 layout navigator is a single operator solution for a precise 3D layout that enables you or anyone else you have working on site, to layout construction designs and checks work with survey accuracy! It reduces, or even eliminates, the need for a surveyor for setout tasks and lets them focus on control and other site critical tasks.

Ease-of-use and versatility combine to make the LN-100 layout navigator an ideal fit for Australia’s construction industry, according to Cameron Waters, Geospatial Business Manager, Position Partners.

“All that’s required to begin operation is to place the LN-100 on a tripod, column or the ground anywhere on a project site –– and press one button. The unit self-levels and the operator needs to turn on the wireless controller and get to work,” Mr Waters said. “One-person layout has never been this easy.”

The LN-100 layout navigator combines self-levelling laser level and robotic total station technologies, creating a new way to perform construction and BIM layout. The LN-100 layout navigator has the ease-of-use of a Topcon construction laser paired with the accuracy of the Topcon robotic total station.

The LN-100 layout navigator, with easy one-button self-levelling setup and wireless license-free communication, strips away the complexity associated with advanced surveying instruments. With the wireless controller, an operator can call up simple point layout or CAD drawings anywhere on a site.

“Display the design point or line that needs to be staked out, touch it, and be guided within millimetres to the exact location, watch the digital design become a reality in real time,” Mr Waters said.

The LN-100 layout navigator can be set up in pillars throughout the building, or on tripods during the foundation pour for a 200m diameter operational range.

The operator can control the LN-100 layout navigator with either the full-capability MAGNET Field data collection software or with MAGNET Construct. MAGNET Construct App is available on both Google Play or IOS App stores, download for free to your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy quick and hassle-free set-out of your project!

The LN-100 layout navigator is ideal for BIM projects and works with a wide range of Autodesk software solutions. “Position Partners is pleased to provide integrated BIM solutions for Australian industries, from the most innovative hardware such as the LN-100 and scanning solutions, through to world-leading design, BIM verification and engineering software,” Mr Waters added.

“Regardless of the job – building infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, foundation and footings, walls, ceilings, HVAC, underground utilities or basic landscaping on any job site – the customer has a solution that’s easy to use without sacrificing the required accuracy and performance.”

This article currently featured in the March/April Issue of BCM For Tradies Magazine 2019.

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