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Machine Guidance in mining planning

Sticking to the plan with machine guidance

Machine guidance helps to improve productivity of not only the machines, but the operators on site as well. High precision machine guidance technology provides a 3D visual of each machine’s location in the mine, as well as an accurate status of the machine’s position in relation to the mine plan.

Machine guidance uses positioning data to track the location, volume and material type a machine is moving. The machine operator can easily view this information via onboard displays, and use this knowledge to evaluate how they can better work to the mine design.

With real-time as-built information available to operators and supervisors, the technology improves efficiency and productivity on site, helping to reduce or eliminate rehandling and rework.

Position Partners offers machine guidance systems that give machine operators and mine managers on Australian mine sites the critical information they need to ensure their work effectively contributes to the mine performance and project timelines. Learn more about them here.

Working to the design

Machine guidance gives operators more control over their work with the ability to monitor the machine’s position relative to the mine design, in real time.  

Traditional data analysis involves a delay to get as-built report information back to operators supervisors or managers. With live data visible in the cab of the machine to operators as they work, as well as to managers and supervisors in the office, high precision machine guidance enables instant productivity and efficiency improvements to achieve design grade.

Problems with over digging, under digging and moving material to or from the wrong location, can all be drastically reduced or even eliminated with machine guidance technology. With accurate positioning data and easy to read visuals of where and how much to dig, operators have the information they need to perform their job as effectively as possible.

Carlson Machine Guidance for mining

Developing operator skill

At Position Partners, we understand that machine operators are not only extremely skilled at what they do, but have a genuine desire to improve wherever possible. Our machine guidance products provide mine managers and machine operators with all the data they need to apply their skills to the mine design, and deliver on their KPIs.

The information provided by machine guidance technologies enables machine operators to achieve their goals and increase overall productivity.

When machine operators can easily see what, how much, and where they should dig, they can constantly adjust their work to better adhere to the mine design. Machine guidance systems also fast-track machine operator training. Given the current resourcing issues facing Australian mines, managers can easily find themselves stretched when it comes to experienced machine operators. With our machine guidance products, new machine operators can get up to speed quickly and work effectively in a short period of time.

Position Partners offers machine guidance products across Australia

Our machine guidance technologies are designed to provide the most accurate data that the project manager and machine operator needs to adhere to the mine plan and work towards the mine design. Our easy-to-understand machine guidance systems are available to mining projects across Australia. View our range here, or contact us for an obligation-free quote on any of our machine guidance services.

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