MAGNET 6 enables greater productivity

MAGNET 6 is here and is providing users with efficient data flow and greater productivity.

With the release of MAGNET 6.1, you will experience greater productivity than ever before with this software solution enabling the management of huge amounts of information around resources, scheduling and risk management.

MAGNET helps workers communicate with the field and collects data from different sources, combines many sources of data into one 3D model so you can manipulate the designs and visualise them, share information, reliable information, accurate take offs etc.

  • With MAGNET Field, you can perform 3D layout with a BIM interface that enables multiple floor views including filtering by level with the popular IFC file format. Additionally, MAGNET now supports Autodesk 2019 file formats.
  • With MAGNET Survey you will experience notable enhancements to the interface and workflows specifically related to mass haul and project scheduling. The license check-in and check-out capabilities have also been significantly improved.
  • In addition to the popular MAGNET Enterprise cloud service offering unlimited file storage, file conversion, and map-based data viewing, MAGNET has added MAGNET Live – a new cloud-based service for virtual model sharing.

Other improvements to MAGNET include the ability to calculate, configure, co-ordinate systems, optical enhancements, new formats to support import and export, edit data, updated ‘copy job’ to support the option to copy credentials with the job, 3D map support, updated all setup routines so you can use 2D points for setup, updated quick codes, updated stake.

MAGNET puts you in control of what, when and where, so you can use it to optimise mass hauls and location-based project scheduling. Get your work connected with MAGNET!

For more information, visit MAGNET Version 6.


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