Stop thinking ‘cloud’, start thinking ‘collaborative computing’!

7 February 2019

Cameron Waters,  Geospatial Business Manager, Position Partners

Do you watch Netflix or do you connect to Amazon Cloud Services through a Netflix UI to stream data? Using a cloud service for your survey data should be no different, it should just be considered computing and the advantages are just as good as binge-watching House of Cards with no adverts!

I’ve discussed how access to MAGNET Enterprise is now standard with every licence of MAGNET (Unlock your survey software’s potential) so there is no excuse not utilise MAGNET Enterprise to maximise your productivity and collaboration…it’s like getting free Netflix for life with your TV!

Here are the top three reasons to use MAGNET Enterprise whether you are a one-person band or a national company:

1. Project Management

Managing each project is quick and simple with folder templates for data and teams for people.

Any type of data can be added to the project, not just survey data, so that you have everything you need in the one place, for everyone to access. You can also apply different levels of access to each contributor to ensure your contractors and staff have the correct features set within the project.

Email alerts will let you know when action is needed, and activity reports can be run on the jobs posted from the field to optimise collection efficiencys.

Need storage? How does unlimited sound?

MAGNET Field and MAGNET Office can connect automatically to the assigned projects and simply download or contribute data. Any other contractor can also achieve the same through the web interface, but Bentley and Autodesk have a much more intimate relationship.

2. Third party software connection

The power of modern application computing is realised with the connections between MAGNET Enterprise, Autodesk BIM 360 and Bentley ProjectWise. Once you connect to MAGNET Enterprise, the BIM360 and ProjectWise clouds are completely accessible. You will have direct access from both the field and your office.

Having this level of access to these engineering software packages enhances your collaboration from within your organisation and adds value to your company as a subcontractor on large project utilising BIM or similar data standards.

3. Geo-referenced data

What would an application for surveyors be without a map? And this isn’t any ordinary map! Multiple data sets can be combined to view on the map, basic measurement tools can be used to do some quick project analysis and when you catch something, you can easily mark-up the area of interest for everyone in the project to see.

Want to see the efficiency of the feature survey? No problem: Just replay the job to see exactly how the data was collected in the field!

'Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change' - Stephen Hawking.

Adapt or die, it’s a bit harsh but it’s the reality of an industry (construction) that has the lowest productivity and the most amount of rework. Manufacturing, mining and farming are all increasing productivity while construction is doing the opposite.

Attract the best people to your company by using the latest in collaborative computing to maximise their productivity and give them the ability to have pride in their work, not frustration from rework.

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