Using proximity detection systems to guarantee safety during rail projects

Proximity detection systems: the next step in rail work safety

Rail work can often be fraught with potential safety hazards. Jobs typically take place in confined corridors, meaning space is limited and safety standards can be difficult to effectively maintain. Even small-scale projects often require multiple machines and numerous workers, all attempting to maintain safe distances in a very confined space. The potential for hazards is only compounded on bigger projects with more contractors.

Position Partners will offers a simple and effective solution to these safety risks, in the form of the Presien Blindsight systems. Proximity systems like Presien Blindsight are a simple technology that can effectively eliminate safety concerns while working in rail corridors. The system works by installing collision awareness sensors onto all on-site vehicles. These sensors effectively work as proximity alert sensors and utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to identify potential hazards or collisions with other machines or people.

Comprehensive safety features

A large part of what makes AI-driven proximity systems so effective is their capacity to identify hazards without the need for a universal collision avoidance system on site. While some other proximity detection systems utilise sensors as well, they rely on an entire site being equipped with one system, which can be difficult on jobs with multiple contractors. The Presien Blindsight collision awareness sensors can identify hazards regardless of whether or not another worker or machine is equipped with a proximity alert sensor.

The Presien Blindsight system can effectively give your machine operators a set of eyes in the back of their heads. Collision awareness sensors determine and differentiate between potential hazards like incoming machines or personnel by identifying the size and speed of everything within their scope.

Another benefit of these proximity solutions is their automatic reporting functions, which collect data on collisions and near misses. Rather than relying on manual reporting, this function generates regular reports collating a detailed list of all incidences within a set period. This report can then be accessed by site supervisors and safety officers.

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Proximity Detection systems: maximising safety on rail jobs

Proximity systems have the capacity to improve safety standards anywhere machines are in use, but especially within the rail sector. The nature of rail corridors typically means work is being performed in enclosed spaces, with very little room to manoeuvre. This means that the potential for incidents is high, especially on jobs with multiple contractors or teams present. Limited access also typically means that machine operators have a reduced ability to turn and will generally all be working in the same direction. By installing an effective collision warning system, machine operators will have a greatly improved perception of what is happening behind them, and in other blind spots.

Position Partners offer industry-leading customer support services

Alongside the sale and supply of proximity systems, Position Partners supply a full customer support package to ensure you can get the most out of your next purchase. Inclusive is installation, removal (if required), technical support, and ongoing maintenance. Position Partners will make the entire process as simple as possible, leaving us to focus on the installation and setup, so you can focus on getting the job done right.

Once you are fully set up with your new proximity system, Position Partners will provide top-tier customer support on an ongoing basis. We maintain a support staff of over 100 employees across New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Australia. This ensures you can get the assistance and support that you need, whenever you need it. Proximity detection systems represent the next wave of job site safety. Secure one of Proximity Partners industry-leading proximity systems today to guarantee comprehensive safety on your next rail works job.