Using proximity systems to ensure safety on your job site

How do collision avoidance systems work?

Safety is a massive priority in the civil construction industry, and justifiably so. Ensuring that all on-site workers make it home safely is no small matter though, and there are a variety of safety systems and methods used by sites throughout Australia. Many of these systems are reliant on person-to-person communication though, which can be subject to human error.

Proximity systems are a technology specifically developed to ensure the highest level of safety by utilising a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). Position Partners will soon be offering the Presien Blindsight system, a proximity system on the absolute cutting edge of the industry.

By fitting a piece of machinery with multiple sensors, a proximity warning system can alert both the machine operator and any persons nearby when a potential safety breach is detected.

The artificial intelligence system differentiates between different safety breaches (person, wall, safety cone around an object, etc) by determining their size and/or velocity. This essentially means any time a worker enters the vicinity of a machine, all parties are immediately notified. The same is true if two machines get too close. Proximity systems like Presien Blindsight are custom designed to maximise safety on your next site.

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Safety features of proximity systems

Using a combination of sensors and an artificial intelligence system allows for a number of safety features, which are not available using other safety systems. Orange cones can be used to indicate exclusion zones for vehicles and machinery. This feature is useful for marking out areas in which machinery would pose safety risks, like buildings.

Proximity systems also provide comprehensive safety data, as they digitally record all incidents and near-misses. This data can then be digitally accessed by the site supervisor at any time. A system that digitally tracks this information supersedes by far any system that relies on incidents being manually recorded.

Systems that rely on manual reporting can be subject to fault as they essentially rely on all workers accurately reporting incidents and near-misses 100% of the time. While in theory manual systems shouldn’t pose a problem, any foreman or site manager knows that keeping track of every incident and near-miss on a busy site is near-impossible. Proximity systems provide a practical and accurate solution to the inconsistencies that can arise from manual incident reporting.

Construction site collision avoidance

Proximity systems like Presien’s Blindsight have practical uses in any industry which requires heavy machinery. Having said this, the potential applications of these systems in the construction sector would mean an enormous leap forward for site safety. Imagine everyone on-site getting notified the second they came within 10 metres of a potentially harmful machine. Or a system that guarantees safety for an entire site, not just those linked into a proprietary system. Sounds pretty good to us.

Position Partners expert customer support

At Position Partners, we provide a comprehensive support package to our clients, which comprises installation, removal (if necessary), maintenance, and customer support. When you decide to purchase a proximity system through us, you are assured that the process will be as simple as possible. Once the product is successfully installed, you will also get access to assistance from our highly qualified team.

Position Partners employ over 100 people in service and support across Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. Within Australia we have 10 branches, to ensure you can get the assistance and support that you need, whenever you need it. Proximity systems are at the absolute forefront of logistics safety solutions, and Presien’s Blindsight is on the cutting edge of proximity systems. Elevate the safety of your next job today with a Presien Blindsight.

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