Save time and money with construction site set out technology

What is construction site set out technology?

String lines have been an integral part of the construction industry for as long as most foremen, builders, and contractors can remember. Nearly 90% of Australian building sites currently make use of string line technology for setting out. The principal drawback of string lines is the potential for small errors to have frustrating consequences. A small measurement error can potentially prove to be costly and time-consuming.

Subcontractors are responsible for setting out accurate measurements on 60% of Australian building sites. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a shortage of around 1,500 surveyors nationally. This is making the process of getting a surveyor to set out a site in a timely fashion more difficult than it needs to be.

Site set out is a technology that has been developed to provide a potential alternative to string lines. Construction set out technology works by taking a building plan and converting the data it contains to a real-world situation. Rather than spending time setting out your entire site, just enter in a few points and construction set out technology can do the measuring down to the millimetre for you. 

The Topcon LN-150: Your set out tool of choice

Enter the Topcon LN-150 site set out tool from Position Partners. The Topcon LN-150 has the potential to change the face of the construction business. Not only is the Topcon LN-150 easy to understand and operate, but it also has the potential to save construction projects a significant amount of time and money. Setting out a site has historically required two to three people, a paper plan, strings, and tape measures. The Topcon LN-150 replaces all these requirements and is millimetre perfect every time.

The LN-150 comes in a simple kit that is quick and easy to set up and use, and potentially removes the necessity of waiting for a surveyor. Colin who works with McNab summarised this perfectly, saying it is, “Cost-effective having someone on-site that’s trained to use this technology rather than having to outsource the surveying for our set out work”.

Because the LN-150 is self-levelling, all you need to do is reference a couple of points on site, then let it do all the calculations for you. The included tablet is intuitive and will speed up processes that used to take hours.

Construction layout tool - construction total station Topcon LN-150

The purchase of an LN-150 is not just limited to the LN-150 kit but also includes access to the Position Partners support team for any queries or issues you may have.

Troubleshooting the Topcon LN-150 is easy, as Position Partners provide access to surveyors all over the country. Customers can get in touch with the Position Partners team with any enquiries and be assured they will receive a prompt and detailed solution. By eliminating the need for traditional string lines, the LN-150 has the potential to minimise time and budget constrictions on your next build.

Accurate measurements for columns, slab edges, and more

There are many different applications for the Topcon LN-150 across the various trades, but its accuracy should be of particular interest to concreters and formworkers. By using construction site set out technology, formworkers can precisely calculate the necessary measurements for the erection of steel cages and the positioning of formwork. This would mean foundations are always dug in the correct place, and steel cages are always exactly where they should be.

Any concreter can relate to the frustrating realisation that their measurements are slightly off after a slab or column has already been poured. The Topcon LN-150 minimises this risk, as identified by Robert, a Cadet Engineer at McNab. Robert says, “The LN-150 improves the accuracy of all our set out work on-site, plus we can continually check work as we go instead of going back after something has already been poured or already set out.”

Concreters will no longer have to worry about over or under-pouring. The highly accurate data computed by the LN-150 will ensure that all positioning and measurements will be precise and correct. Formworkers can similarly benefit, as the process of laying or fixing steel will now be almost risk-free. Want to avoid performing the same task twice? Look into the Position Partners Topcon LN-150 now.

Ditch string lines forever

Transform string line measurement errors from a part of life to a distant memory with the purchase of the Topcon LN-150 site set out tool from Position Partners. The accuracy with which the LN-150 can set out measurements is unmatched and has the potential to be a massive asset for all trades – concreters and formworkers in particular. Get in touch with the helpful team at Position Partners today to organise the purchase of your LN-150 and ditch string lines forever.

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