Topcon releases a suite of new survey solutions

3 October 2012

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has announced the release of an integrated suite of advanced survey products that combine the latest precision technology with robust, easy to operate hardware.

The new Topcon survey suite covers the following products:
•    Topcon’s PS robotic total station series
•    HiPer SR RTK receiver
•    Tesla handheld controller
•    Magnet Field software.

According to Garry MacPhail, Survey Manager with Topcon’s Australian distributor Position Partners, individually these systems are the fastest, most reliable and most accurate in their class.

“Together they deliver superior performance and a fully integrated solution to provide everything a surveyor needs in the field,” he said. Details of the four elements making up the new survey suite follow.

Topcon PS

The Topcon PS high performance robotic total station is designed to surpass all others in power, accuracy and tracking, said MacPhail.

Available in 1- and 3- arc second models, the PS utilises Topcon’s new PowerTrac™ technology to increase the prism tracking power up to an industry-leading 6 km range.

“Using new optics, laser system and advanced algorithms, PowerTrac provides the PS with the ability to keep tracking a moving prism even under the toughest environmental conditions,” he said.

The PS employs a new EDM that has a smaller beam width than other instruments in its class. Topcon algorithms reduce the “noise” traditionally associated with reflectorless measurements, providing an accurate result even to dark or wet surfaces up to a 1 km non-prism range.

The PS’s smaller beam width also allows measurements in tough situations such as through (or to) a chain link fence or other complex surface.

In addition, the PS uses Topcon’s exclusive LongLink™ technology to provide 600 m Bluetooth wireless communication, enabling measurements to be taken from the pole and giving complete control of the PS using Topcon’s RC-5 remote system, field controller or new Tesla tablet.

With the new TSshield™ communications module, the PS robotic is secure from loss or theft through the ability to remotely disable the unit if reported stolen and track its location via a web-based map.

TSshield also keeps the PS operating system up to date, with remote messaging to the unit to advise of a new firmware version.

Topcon HiPer SR

MacPhail described Topcon’s HiPer SR as a highly advanced GNSS RTK receiver supporting all constellations and providing automatic signal tracking across 226 channels.

“Designed to be the ultimate job site receiver, Topcon’s cable-free HiPer SR weighs just 800 grams and is the most compact professional-grade base and rover RTK system available,” he said.

Combining Universal Tracking Technology™ with the all-new Vanguard GNSS™ chip, the HiPer SR provides advanced performance and satellite tracking, for current and future signals.

In addition to precision measurement and advanced multipath rejection, the 226-channel chip offers support for all GNSS constellations and incorporates Topcon’s patented Universal Tracking Channel technology.

“While other GNSS receiver designs must dedicate channels to a specific satellite system or signal – requiring more and more channels as additional GNSS signals become available – with Universal Tracking Channels, any channel can track any available signal,” said MacPhail.

“This flexibility enables the 226 channel Vanguard design to ‘scale-up’ and track more signals than other GNSS systems. The HiPer SR, like the PS total station, incorporates Topcon’s new LongLink™ technology, giving a 300 m working radius.

Topcon Tesla tablet

Designed to incorporate the readability of a larger tablet, but still be easy to hold with one hand, Topcon’s Tesla handheld tablet has a large 5.7-inch colour touch screen that is easy to read and operate even in bright sunlight, with direct touch access to all controls.

“You really have to hold the Tesla yourself to understand just how good it is,” said MacPhail. “Its design fits so perfectly in your hand and the screen is so easy to see, that it just feels right.”

The Tesla has been designed to be extremely durable, with an IP67 environmental rating meaning it can be submerged in water, exposed to dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and altitude, or dropped from 1.2 m and still function perfectly.

All models come with WiFi and Bluetooth® technology and 3.2 megapixel camera, with 16 hours operating time and hot-swappable batteries.

Available as a standalone data collector or as an integrated GNSS network RTK rover, MacPhail said the Tesla can also be scaled to any accuracy requirement for GIS use, including 2-5 metre, sub-metre, decimetre and centimetre options.

Topcon Magnet Field software

Topcon’s new Magnet Field software is a new in-field package that enables cloud-connected data exchange and backup for data, and which can be instantly shared with the office or others in the field, said MacPhail.

“Magnet Field incorporates an easy-to-navigate icon-based menu structure that lets users easily stake out points, lines, surfaces, curves, real-time roads and slopes.

“It also includes the ability to calculate inverse, intersection, curves, area, traverse and DTM and complete topo surveys,” he said.

In addition, Magnet Field includes Bing Maps® allowing users to incorporate real-time background images behind field work for points, lines and imported design files.

Magnet Field works seamlessly with Topcon’s Civilcad survey application, as well as other office-based software packages – including Topcon’s forthcoming Civilcad Magnet solution.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. (TPS) designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management and mobile control markets. TPS’ parent company, Topcon Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange – 7732), was founded in 1932.  

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