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Why workflow is important

At Position Partners, we’re pleased to support surveyors and geospatial professionals with a revolutionary workflow system developed by Topcon – MAGNET – that streamlines all your survey business processes and protects all your data. We guarantee you’ll see immediate time and cost-saving benefits for your business and greater productivity between survey crews and external stakeholders working on a project.

We now offer you a fully-integrated, easy-to-use and intuitive MAGNET technology solution that streamlines your surveying business. MAGNET is your one-stop surveying software suite, and is 100% compatible with all Topcon and Sokkia surveying instruments and technologies, giving you information and reports at the touch of a button.

No more travelling backwards and forwards between field and office, with the huge downtime costs attached. With your MAGNET surveying software and Topcon or Sokkia hardware solution, data transfer is instant between your office and field survey teams. Reports can be run and finalised through our extremely reliable integrated web technology before you’ve even packed up your survey tools, leaving you more time to get moving on other projects. If you lose a piece of equipment, don’t stress, your data is always backed up, so it’s safe wherever you are.

Usability is fantastic thanks to the familiar MAGNET suite interface across all office- and in-field Topcon or Sokkia hardware. You can set up and customise reports quickly and easily, wherever you are, to source the information you need, when you need it.

Collaborating on a project with external parties and stakeholder? No problem. Simply add them to your MAGNET project group, with the access level of your choice.

You’ll reap the business benefits straight away by switching to MAGNET technology. Implementation is simple. We deliver everything you need and have your systems synced, plus your teams trained up to get the best usability, in no time at all, with no disruption to operations and productivity.

Our huge network of highly-skilled Position Partners teams can give you the best advice either on the phone, online or in-person at our network of showrooms throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Position Partners offers quick and easy training and excellent ongoing service to all MAGNET users.

When we implemented an integrated Topcon robotic total station + GNSS + MAGNET system for PHL Surveyors, they saw the benefits instantly.

Here’s what Director, Alan Longhurst, had to say:

“We’ve found from when we first purchased the robotic total stations right through to now where we’ve got the GNSS equipment and MAGNET software in a harmonious situation that we’ve achieved great efficiencies by being able to upload and download data to the one system without using a third party product… it allows us to put out a really good product, accurately and quickly…We can achieve outcomes in a tenth of the time with a tremendous order of accuracy.”

Shape your workflow systems for the better today.

Call our knowledgeable Position Partners experts and ask to speak to your local geospatial team on 1300 867 266 to find out how.

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