Drones for construction in Australia | position partners

Survey Grade Accuracy of Drones for Construction

As an everyday practise, we have seen industrial services adopt the use of drones. Whether it is to accurately survey a construction site or to inspect remote infrastructure, drones in the construction industry have become increasingly popular…
Drones For mining improving productivity

Drone Surveying improving productivity, Planning and Management of Mine Sites

Over recent years, we have witnessed drone technology advancements push aside the traditional methods of mine monitoring and surveying. Drones have become increasingly popular in support of mining applications with exploration, surveying…
Survey Drones

Different Types of Survey Drones and How they Take Off, Fly and Land

We classify our drones as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which are aircraft without a human pilot onboard. This is the overall category of drone survey and geospatial equipment, which includes a range of different aircraft used for different…

VTOL vs UAV Drone Payload

In the world of survey drones, major technological advancements have occurred over recent years. We have seen surges in payloads, aerial surveying capability, flight duration, flight distances and user operation technology Drones are essentially…
civilcad | Magnet Software

From civilcad to MAGNET: A Survey CAD Software History

Relied upon by cadastral and topographic surveyors, engineers, architects and drafters, CAD software is used to create and manage plans or projects in a digital format. The software available on the market today has come a long way from…
MiRTK works with Trimble Leica Topcon GPS and GNSS

Introducing MiRTK: an internet-enabled correction service for high accuracy GNSS

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MiRTK offers an alternative to UHF radio correction services. It is used for accurate GNSS positioning in the construction, mining and geospatial industries. Works with all GNSS brands Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners…