Buy tribrachs and tribrach accessories for land surveying or cadastral work. Available throughout New Zealand from Position Partners – we support all customers in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington as well as outside metro areas.

  • 360 Prism

    360 Prism Construction Series

    $995 + GST SKU: CTP1-360...
    inc GST
  • Bayonet Adaptor For AP41

    $40 + GST SKU: 726036...
    inc GST
  • CMC Tribrach AJ10 | Position Partners

    CMC Tribrach AJ10

    Three Jaw Tribrach without optical plummet. $195 + GST SKU: AJ10...
    inc GST
  • Seco Fixed Tribrach adapter

    Seco Fixed Tribrach Adapter

    Use this Seco Tribrach adapter for mounting retro prisms and tripod-mounted target systems. This ada...
    inc GST
  • Seco Rotating Tribrach Adapter | Position Partners

    Seco Rotating Tribrach Adapter

    The Seco 2020-00 rotating friction-top adapter allows the prism to be pointed after installation in ...
    inc GST
  • Seco Tribrach Adapter 2070 | Position Partners

    Seco Rotating Tribrach Adapter 2070-00

    The Seco Rotating Swiss-Style Tribrach Adapter is purposely made to adapt retro prisms to Swiss-styl...
    inc GST
  • Sokkia Optical Plummet Adapter AP41 | Position Partners

    Sokkia Optical Plummet Adapter AP41

    This Sokkia Optical Plummet Adapter all mount and target assemblies; has 60" level vial for accurate...
    inc GST
  • Topcon/Sokkia Tribrach TR 102 | Position Partners

    Topcon/Sokkia Tribrach TR 102

    The Sokkia TR-102 Standard Tribrach is an essential tool for ensuring accuracy and efficiency when u...
    inc GST
  • Topcon/Sokkia Tribrach TR 112 with optical plummet

    The Sokkia TR-112 Tribrach with Optical Plummet is a heavy-duty tribrach designed to a...

    inc GST
  • CMC Tribrach AJ10-D

    VX Optical Tribrach

    Tribrach with optical plummet $295 + GST SKU: AJ10-D...
    inc GST
  • AL10-D | Position Partners

    VX Rotating Optical Plummet

    VX Rotating Optical Plummet $295 + GST SKU: AL10-D...
    inc GST