Schonstedt DML2000 XR Magnetic Locators

Schonstedt DML2000 XR Magnetic Locators

The DML2000-XR Magnetic Locator packs all of its sophisticated electronics into a nicely balanced, water resistant package weighing less than 2 pounds. O-rings are used to shock mount the sensors and thus ensure proper instrument operation. The electronics’ housing is water resistant and unaffected by rain and snow; the sensor tube is waterproof and can be submerged in shallow water up to 3 feet.

The DML2000-XR Magnetic Locator is the ideal instrument for locating survey markers, septic tanks, buried iron or steel pipes, water valves, water meters and any other ferrous objects covered by dirt, pavement, water, snow or ice. The capabilities of this instrument are unlimited, and an experienced operator will find many uses for the DML2000.

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Schonstedt DML2000 XR Magnetic Locator

The unit has six sensitivity settings for better control. Normal locates are performed on setting two or three. Lower settings may be used for large, relatively shallow targets; higher settings work best for weak or deep targets. The instrument audio output idles at a nominal 20 Hz when no magnetic objects are present and increases whenever the DML2000-XR approaches a magnetized object.*

Product Advantages:

  • Controls Volume (includes On/Off) and Sensitivity
  • Sensitivity 6 Levels
  • Output (Audio) Idles at 20 Hz, increases as you approach a magnetic target
  • (Visual) Bipolar Digital display (± 1999) – Model DML2000-XRM only
  • Low Battery Red, flashing LED when less than 3 hours of operating time remains
  • Battery Life 60 Hours from 4 “AA” Alkaline Batteries
  • Overall Length 43” (1.1 m)
  • Waterproof length 36” (0.9 m) – top of sensor tube to the bottom
  • Weight ~ 2 lbs (<0.9 kg)



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