Service and support are crucial considerations when sourcing your survey equipment

Customer service and support are critical considerations when it comes to purchasing or hiring land survey equipment. When you’re out in the field, you need a dedicated support team behind you that understands the industry and resolves issues…
Sokkia GPS GRX3 Position Partners

C W Glasgow Contractors saves time and money using Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver

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When Karl Lloyd joined C W Glasgow Contractors in November 2018, he was searching for a GNSS system to use on site to help with construction set out, topographical surveys and as-builts. The Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver was new to the market and…

xyht reviews 'the Bullet' - Sokkia's GCX3

Gavin Schrock from xyHt gave a detailed and objective review of Sokkia's GCX3, commonly known as 'the Bullet' for it's compact form factor, speed and precision. I’ll cut straight to the punchline: this little unit performed as well as many…

Position Partners releases integrated weighing solution

A combination of a Fleet Management System (FMS) and hydraulic on-board weighing technology transforms mine excavators into a control centre for increased productivity. Intelligent positioning technology provider Position Partners has announced…
Quantum Trinity F9 survey drone Fyfe

VTOL takes off with Fyfe

Fyfe, a national consultancy, was interested in diversifying its RPAS fleet to advance its service capabilities even further for its clients and found that the Quantum Systems Trinity from Position Partners offered optimum value for money. “A…
iDig benefits contractors large and small

Digger game changer

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Contractors large and small report time and manpower savings while eliminating rework with this innovative 2D excavator grade control solution. By giving operators real time information about depth, distance and slope, direct to the cab without…

PHL Surveyors Integrate Workflow

PHL Surveyors has been using MAGNET software since the late 80s and first purchased a robotic total station, about seven years ago from Position Partners. PHL Surveyors is involved in many facets of surveying, including, rural boundary definition,…

Monitoring Auckland's Wharf Building

Auckland’s Ferry Building is an historic landmark in the New Zealand city. In the 100 years since it was built, the sea wall supporting the structure was gradually eroded by constant sea movement and wash from ferries docking and leaving the…