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Customers who plan to work with radio transmitting equipment between 13th March and 30th April 2018 in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and parts of Northern NSW, please take note of strict embargo rules released by ACMA for the Commonwealth Games.

Click here for a map of the exclusion zone: 

No new Fixed Site Licences in the exclusion zone will be granted until after the Games.

Under the embargo, any licences that are issued for Queensland-wide, NSW-wide or Australia-wide must not operate radio transmitting devices or cause interference within the exclusion zone during this time.

Importantly, existing Fixed Site Licences are unaffected by the embargo as their frequency usage has been factored into the spectrum plan for the event.

Customers can apply for an exemption to the embargo if they feel their activities will have limited to no effect on the Games and they have supporting documents to this effect. Lowering transmission power is one way to increase the chances of an exemption being granted.

If you have any projects in the exclusion zone during this period, contact Position Partners to discuss subscription options for the AllDayRTK CORS Network service. AllDayRTK is unaffected by the radio licensing embargo and can deliver Network RTK positioning to your survey and machine control assets.

For further details on the frequencies affected and their respective exclusion zones, click here to download the guidelines.

For help with your radio licensing requirements, contact your local Position Partners branch for assistance.   

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