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Frustrated by lack of support from your FMS provider?

At Position Partners, we focus on customer support and ensuring that the Fleet Management System (FMS) and high precision machine guidance platforms are truly embedded within the operational workflow of your mine.

Investing in technology is a key milestone to improving productivity and optimising production in mining. To truly gain valuable insights and make the solution work for your mine site, you need to have peace of mind that your supplier will be there to provide technical support, customisation and training to your staff. 

The best Fleet Management System isn’t necessarily the most complex

In choosing the right FMS solution for your mine site, it is all too easy to be wowed by features and think that the more complex the technology, the more it will be able to handle your site requirements.

But, in evaluating these features, its important to understand what they really mean and whether they will actually be of any use to you. Generating endless amounts of data and reports may give an impression that you are getting all the information at your fingertips, but how do you ensure it’s the right data, in a format that you can use and share to make informed decisions?

Tailored support Australia-wide

The mining division at Position Partners includes a team with diverse skill sets including surveyors, engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and IT experts. With branches and support hubs throughout Australia, including the key mining regions in Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, our people are on the ground to support mining customers.

As well as boots on the ground technical support and installation, Position Partners offers remote access to FMS and machine guidance via its Tokara Link telemetry solution.

Developed by Position Partners, Tokara enables technicians to remotely login to machine systems and troubleshoot problems, update settings or train the operator in real time.

With the ability to provide fast, remote support and reduce site visits, Position Partners delivers unparalleled customer service to mining customers. Plus, we have the capacity to draw from the team’s combined expertise to solve technical challenges efficiently.

Finding the right technology fit for your mine site

We work with our customers to understand the mine site’s operations, where the pain points are, what technologies and systems are already in place and what the ‘wish list’ looks like. From there we work through a suggested plan based on what would deliver meaningful results in the shortest possible timeframe.

For mine sites that want a window into production, maintenance and plant management, iVolve Mine4D is a powerful FMS tool to optimise loading, haul truck cycles and more. The list of possibilities and features with Fleet Management Systems is a long one, so it’s important to hone in on the key areas that will be of value to your site and build from there. A flexible, modular solution such as iVolve Mine4D is critical to ensure you aren’t paying for features you don’t need and won’t use.

However, not all mine sites need to invest in FMS. For some, implementing high precision machine guidance such as iVolve Mine4D for excavators, dozers, loaders and  supervisor vehicles will deliver the required improvements in mining to the design. With optimised loading, real-time cut and fill information, better fragmentation, safety improvements and reduced survey costs, iVolve machine guidance is a reliable and operator-friendly solution that will deliver tangible productivity gains.

In other scenarios, the key missing ingredient is an ability to generate meaningful reports. Position Partners offers a custom reporting tool that gives you real-time visibility into fleet performance via a simple, user-friendly web interface.

Other technologies can complement your use of FMS and/or high precision machine guidance and unpack further benefits to mine operations. These can include payload monitoring systems, survey instruments, deformation monitoring technology and drones for aerial mapping and stockpile calculations.

Whatever the goals are for optimising mine site operations, be sure to query your FMS or machine guidance supplier on the support and tailoring options to make sure that you’re investing in a solution that is right for your site.

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