How to Use a Laser Line Level (Step-by-Step)

Let’s set the scene... You’re on-site; you’re about to get started, and you whip out your brand new line laser level. It’s straight out of the box. So what’s next? How do I use it?

Whoa! Slow down there tiger! In this blog, we’re going to teach you:

Here at Position Partners, we want you to have the utmost confidence when using new tools on a  job. Below is an essential front-to-back laser line level guide.

What is a Line Laser?

A laser line level (also known as a line laser level) an instrument that employs a laser and an optical lens to project a laser beam as a line (instead of a point or dot). This is most often created by pushing the light beam through a cylindrical or Powell lens. Line lasers are used in surveying and construction. These lasers can be attached to tripods, which are then leveled according to the accuracy of the device. This will then project a fixed horizontal or vertical beam of green or red light along an axis.

Line lasers are the number one laser level you and your team need to have on-site and around the house. Reading above, it’s understandable that having them on-site is a no brainer.
But have you ever had the ‘hanging family photos’ argument? With a line laser level in your home, no longer will a back and forth debate of “..a little to the left. No! The other left” exist. Line laser can be used for a number of large and small jobs.

Uses include:

  • Finding the high and low spots on a floor
  • Leveling building sites and structures
  • Positioning and installing tiles
  • Finding the center of a room for TV mounting
  • Assisting in cabinet installation

These devices are so versatile; that the investment in a line laser pays for itself over and over.

iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser Level
iMEX LX3DG Multiline Laser Level

Step-by-Step: How to Use a Line Laser Level

What you will need:

  • laser level
  • mounting device (tripod, latch, bracket, etc.)
  • tape or pencil
  • room with a corner
  1. When you aren’t using your laser level, make sure that you have locked off your level
    1. There will be a lock switch on your laser level
    2. This locks the inner pendulum in place
    3. Set up your laser on your tripod, latch, or bracket
    1. You may now unlock your laser level
  2. Turn your laser level on
  3. Stick a piece of tape (or mark with a pencil) under the line with your light beam on the flat of the wall in front of you
  4. Repeat Step 4 (though this time in the joining corners of your wall)
  5. Lock-off your laser level and turn off your device (you are about to move your laser level)
  6. Move your laser to the other side of the room
    1. Turn on your device
    2. Unlock your laser level
  7. If needed, heighten or lower your tripod to place the laser beam back on the tape or marking
    1. This may need to be done if the surface you are working on is not level (ie. house built on a sloping block)
  8. Now check your secondary corner tape or pencil mark
    1. If it is in line, your laser is level
    2. If it isn’t in line, your laser is out by that amount of space

Congratulations, you now know the accuracy of your laser level. Smoko is over, time to get to work!

Step 2. How to Use a Line Laser Level (for common uses)

The best thing about a line laser level is that it is so easy to use! Think a point and shoot!

  1. PLACE the level on your chosen flat surface and turn it on
    1. Unlock the device
    2. If the device is self-leveling, allow it time to find level (one-two minutes).
    3. If it requires manual leveling, consult the user’s guide on the proper procedure to ensure correct measurements
  2. AIM the line laser level at the surface at which you want to find a level.
    1. Use the laser as your guide mark or manually (with tape or pencil) make marks and lines as needed
  3. REPEAT Step 2 for new lines, planes, and levels that need to be found
    1. Remember to lock and turn off your laser each time you move it
    2. Doing this will allow your device’s pendulum longevity

Remember that most line laser levels come with many different battery options. Some laser levels will allow you to connect to a wired socket. Whereas others will be relying on battery packs whilst out on site. So don’t forget to TURN OFF your laser when you have made your markings.

Happy levelling!

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