InterGEO was the place to be for all things Geospatial

The Position Partners Geospatial team attended this year’s InterGEO Conference, held in September in Stuttgart, Germany.  The conference ran over four days and provided attendees with the opportunity to view the latest Geospatial technology in the market. Many of the products available from Position Partners were on show, including products from Topcon, Sokkia, Tiny Mobile Robots, Z+F, Quantum, Teledyne Optech and Senceive.

The Tiny Surveyor, one of the first robotic instruments brought into the survey industry, was on show demonstrating how it can provide massive gains in line marking.

On the Topcon stand, attendees also had the opportunity to see the Topcon LN-150 next gen site layout tool which is being released early next year. This site layout tool features longer range so you can shoot vertically higher and lower as well as tracking faster too. Topcon’s TS Shield was also demonstrated at the show, now on its 3rd version and with new improvements. TS Shield helps manage optical equipment fleet whilst reducing your premiums and intelligently managing your maintenance.

Sokkia had the Gyro X 11 on show, it is an extremely good instrument and provides rapid results, “one of a kind product” said Mr Cameron Waters, Geospatial Business Manager, Position Partners.

The new release Quantum Systems F90+, a high payload eVTOL PPK drone was on display and attendees were shown some of the main features including 90 minute plus flight time and cooling system in the motors.  The Virtual Surveyor Version 7 was released into the market as well.

The latest adaptation for the Teledyne Optech POLARIS was on show, which revealed a calibrated mobile mounting solution.  It takes the highly versatile POLARIS scanning solution and adds mobile scanning functionality, a nifty and cost effective development. The new firmware release for Z+F IMAGER 5016, version 9.1 brings multi-scanner control to the Blue Workflow, enabling multiple scanners to be operated simultaneously with a one or more in-field tablets. Z+F showcased the IMAGER 5006EX, the only intrinsically safe laser scanner in the world. It’s a large, but incredibly powerful, piece of kit when you need to scan in explosive environments.

Position Partners is excited to introduce these product advancements into the industry and can’t wait to see the how they will benefit customers.

“InterGEO was the place to be for all things Geospatial” said Mr Paul Malatzky, Scanning Market Development Manager, Position Partners.

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