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Intel acquired RPAS innovator firm Ascending Technologies in 2016 and we are soon to see the first result of this fusion between a computer engineering powerhouse and a specialist commercial drone manufacturer with the Falcon 8+.

An extension of Ascending Technologies’ popular Falcon 8 eight-propeller copter, the Falcon 8+ comes complete with the all-new Intel Cockpit and fully integrated Intel tablet for a seamless and easy to use interface.

The new Falcon 8+ also has Intel’s on-board mission control software and one of the highest in-flight redundancy and stability capabilities on the market. It is an RPAS developed to perform under the most rigorous safety requirements and as such, is ideal for use in a wide range of geospatial, civil and mining applications.

Compatible with a huge array of payloads, the Falcon 8+ gives users the versatility to complete ortho photogrammetry, inspection or near infrared and thermography tasks with a single aircraft.

To eliminate the need for ground control, a number of PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) enabled payloads will be available on the system for sub-decimetre accuracy in hazardous or difficult to reach locations. Users simply setup a base station at a secure location and take a single benchmark calibration point in order to achieve highly accurate and repeatable results without any requirement for ground control points.

Intel is clearly committed to leading the way in drone usage across multiple industries, from consumer goods to arts and industrial applications. With its shooting star light display as part of Lady GaGa’s Super Bowl performance and investment in leading drone manufacturers including MAVinci, Ascending Technologies and Yuneec, the company is quickly becoming one of the largest and most influential players in the market.

For the geospatial industry, the fact that Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich is also leading the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee means Intel development will also have a high regulatory focus to ensure its products are fit for purpose across all categories.

Source: ‘3 Ways Intel is Shaping the Drone Industry’ by Miriam McNabb 4 August 2017


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