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Our purpose-built remote control survey boat has been specifically designed for the Australian market. A true one-man, survey-grade accuracy solution for caustic ponds, near-shore, inshore and river survey applications.

“When a customer came to us for advice on surveying caustic ponds in the mining industry, we looked at the available options on the market and saw that there was a need for a safer, one-man, portable solution,” explained Cameron Waters, Position Partners Product Manager for Survey Solutions.

“Position Partners developed a solution around three key requirements: lightweight structure for performance and transportation; ease of use for one-man operation; and range of operation to meet the required distances,” he added.

How it works

The PosiCraft combines high accuracy GNSS and/or total station positioning with a survey-grade eco-sounder for depth measurements. Use the PosiCraft with an on-board GNSS receiver, or swap to total station measurements when working under bridges or in poor satellite coverage areas.

“We are the only supplier to offer the choice between GNSS or total station positioning, or the flexibility to use both simultaneously with Topcon’s Hybrid solution,” Mr Waters said. “Hybrid uses both GNSS and a total station simultaneously, enabling the operator to switch between the two instantaneously.”

The PosiCraft is compatible with most GPS base stations that may be in operation on site, allowing for quick setup without the need for additional hardware. It is also fully compatible with MAGNET Field on-board software, combining positioning information with the eco-sounder data for real-time visualisation in the field.

Another unique feature of the PosiCraft is its twin jet propulsion system, which enables a 360 degree pivot on the boat’s axis. Unlike propeller systems that require you to steer in a circle to change direction, the PosiCraft allows you to turn full circle without drifting. The jet propulsion also makes for a safer solution as there are no external moving parts such as propellers.

Safety first

Setting a new standard in safety and ease of use, the PosiCraft has a trailer launch system that keeps the operator at a safe distance from hazardous environments such as caustic ponds in mining applications.

“Other systems on the market can only be launched by hand, which is dangerous when working with toxic water such as caustic ponds,” Mr Waters explained. “Add to that the weight of some of the other survey boats, which require two people to lift them, and it is not a viable option for mining applications. That’s why we developed the PosiCraft, to specifically meet the demand for a viable and safe option for the mining industry and other water management applications.”

The PosiCraft is the lightest survey boat available on the market, weighing less than 12 kilograms, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport by one person.

All-in-one control

The PosiCraft has a unique all-in-one ground station that integrates a remote control, a tablet for real-time data visualisation and radios. By combining these elements into a single, wearable ground station, users have all the information and control at their fingertips and can control the boat from a safe distance and good vantage point.

“In summary, the PosiCraft is an Australian designed and manufactured solution, engineered specifically for Australian conditions and industry applications,” Mr Waters said. “Position Partners strives to deliver the right solution for all of our customers and meet any unique requirements – if a solution doesn’t already exist in the market, we’ll work with you to create one.”

For more information about the PosiCraft, call 1300 867 266 or send us an email.

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