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Introducing Tokara™: Position Partners’ integrated machine tracking, remote service and site management suite

Position Partners has launched an integrated suite of telematics services designed specifically for civil construction, quarrying, mining and related applications, incorporating machine tracking, remote servicing and site management.

Tokara (from the Aboriginal word for “track”) allows users to monitor, service and control all plant equipment – across all machinery makes and models – remotely from any location and in real time.

Tokara consists of three service platforms: Tokara Tracking, Tokara Service and Tokara Site, with each based on the same hardware, allowing users to upgrade at any time.

The solution also incorporates Topcon’s advanced communication system, SiteLINK 3D, which powers the Tokara Site platform.

Functions of the three Tokara platforms are:

  • Tokara Tracking: Improving machine utilisation with customised tracking and condition reporting across an entire fleet
  • Tokara Service: Minimising downtime and eliminating service call-outs through the ability to carry out remote troubleshooting and servicing on any Tokara-enabled machine
  • Tokara Site – powered by SiteLINK 3D: Streamlining the entire project management process through end-to-end planning, monitoring and reporting across all equipment (mobile and fixed) and assets on a project.

In addition, Tokara delivers a single solution across all three platforms that is able to work with any type, make and model of machine, including light and heavy vehicles.

“Because every project, site and customer has unique requirements, we’ve developed Tokara to be a fully modular and customisable solution that meets the evolving needs of any business, from an owner-operator or plant hirer, up to large, multi-fleet, multi-project contractors,” said Martin Nix, CEO of Position Partners.

“As the exclusive distributor for Topcon Positioning Systems in Australia, we are uniquely placed to provide our customers with a tailored industry-leading solution based on a platform from a global company.

“Tokara is a perfect example of this as it integrates Topcon’s advanced site management system SiteLINK 3D, with additional platforms built specifically for the Australian market,” he said.

“Tokara has been developed in Australia, using Australian skills and programmers, based around customer requirements, and has been extensively tested with contractors and end-users throughout the country so that we know it works in our harsh environment and with our often-challenging telecommunications networks.

“And to ensure reliability, we are using industry-leading backup and technology infrastructure to maintain data security.”

According to Nix, Position Partners has been able to develop its Tokara suite through the unique set of skills and expertise built up by the company over many years.

“Our unique blend of experience and industry knowledge is the result of the evolution of Position Partners from a close-knit network of state-based businesses to a single national company three years ago.

“This means we are ideally placed to deliver a single industry-wide solution: we understand the business, we understand our customers, and we understand what they want to achieve,” said Nix.

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