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Mike Forrest is one of the founders of Position Partners. He has been awarded Topcon Positioning Systems’ ‘Spirit of Excellence’ for his pioneering achievements and commitment to customers.

Topcon’s Spirit of Excellence award recognises pioneering spirit, perseverence and outstanding leadership in the market development and sales of advanced positioning technology.

“This award, named in memory of Bill Roper Sr., is very special to us as a company,” said Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems. “Anybody who receives it really understands what it means to be a dreamer, a pioneer who sets out to make change and create something new.”

“There was very little discussion when it came to deciding on 2010’s winner – when Mike’s name came up everyone agreed that he embodied what it means to win the Spirit of Excellence award,” O’Connor added. 

Mike helped to pioneer the introduction of Topcon’s machine control technology, not just in Australia ABC Lasers but also in his close collaboration with Topcon management, including Ray O’Connor and Jamie Williamson, Sr. VP and general manager of Construction at Topcon.

“Mike always puts his customers first,” said Brendan Ostwold, CEO of Ostwold Bros and long-term Topcon customer. “When I first started I had one scraper and not much money but I wanted to install Topcon machine control. Mike’s attitude was all about helping me to achieve this, he really listens to what his customers are asking for and understands what they need. ‘No’ is not in his vocabulary.”

Another important aspect of the award is outstanding leadership. “You can feel great leadership in a company when you walk through the front door,” added Ray O’Connor. “You can sense it in the people, they feel cared for, they love what they do, they are passionate about their work. Mike has always provided the opportunity to excel and that’s great leadership.”



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