New buy-back program for 3D machine control

To ensure customers are running the latest Topcon solution and the right system for their work, Position Partners is offering an exclusive buy-back program for existing 3D machine control systems already installed on their equipment.

“We want to maintain our status as the number one service provider on job sites and Topcon as the number one machine control solution,” said Joel Seddon, National Product Manager for Machine Control.

“Anyone who has a 3D system installed in their machine, no matter what brand, should get in touch to find out what we can offer – we’ll buy it back for up to $29,000 and get them fitted with the latest Topcon equipment!”

Position Partners offers a wide range of Topcon machine control solutions, with 3D systems that range from Millimetre GPS and Total Station options for fine tolerance grading, through to excavator systems and the latest 3D-MC2 solution that can be fitted to dozers or graders.

“The key advantage to our solutions is that we can fit to every make and model of machinery, regardless of manufacturer,” said Seddon.

“At Position Partners, we always consider the application first and the machine second. Our question is ‘what is the job and what results do you need?’ not ‘what machine do you have?’

“Also Topcon systems are cross-compatible, which means you can swap hardware and components around to suit the application rather than having to start from scratch with a whole new system.”

To qualify for the buy-back scheme, customers must have a 3D machine control system fitted to their machine, which Position Partners will buy back and put towards a new Topcon system. The offer ends 31st December 2012.

“There are three main benefits to this program for customers: one, they get to upgrade their system to the latest and best Topcon solution; two, they can save a considerable amount of money by trading in their old system; and three, they are assured of the highest levels of support through the industry’s number one service provider, Position Partners,” Seddon added.

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