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New Topcon GT Series scores 10/10 for performance

Jacob Chenery is an engineering surveyor working at Rokon, a civil construction firm based in Melbourne. His team recently traded in an older Topcon robotic for the new GT Series and says it’s the best piece of survey gear he’s ever used.

“I’ve used all the different brands and this new GT total station tops the lot,” he said. “I definitely give it 10 out of 10 for performance, it’s by far my favourite bit of equipment.”

Mr Chenery sites the small form factor, speed and tracking performance as some of the main features he enjoys with the new robotic.

“It’s considerably faster than anything else I’ve used, especially when changing faces, when it takes a second or two at most and locks straight back on,” he said. “Some people don’t think speed is a big deal, but a few seconds here and there add up to minutes off your day and means if you’re under pressure the instrument can keep up.”

The new GT is 30% smaller and lighter than other models, which Mr Chenery says makes it easier to carry and setup.

Another powerful function that Mr Chenery uses regularly is the Longlink communication feature provided by the optional RC-5 unit. Using technology unique to Topcon, the RC-5 combines infrared signalling and a built-in gyro to search for the total station.

Topcon RC-5 Series | Position Partners

Unlike other systems that rely on GNSS or that search for every prism within range, the RC-5 unit communicates back to the total station to lock back onto the prism. It enables longer range and can be used in all environments as it does not need GNSS signal to function.

“I use the RC-5 constantly because, being colour blind, I can’t tell the difference between the red and green flashing lights and at a distance you can’t see them anyway. By sending out the infrared signal when I’m working further away from the unit, I can ensure the instrument is tracking me,” Mr Chenery said.

Commenting on the MAGNET survey software Rokon uses, Mr Chenery said he was getting more from it day by day. “MAGNET is still relatively new to me so I’m still learning, but it’s incredibly reliable and powerful software.”

When asked why Rokon chooses Topcon, Mr Chenery explained a main reason is the service and support offered by Australian distributor, Position Partners. “We use Topcon for our machine control and so having all equipment the same brand makes data transfer seamless.

“But aside from the equipment itself, we find the service and support from our local Position Partners team to be excellent. Our field technician is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and the Dandenong service team always goes the extra mile when it comes to services, repairs, calibrations and so on,” he added.

Mr Chenery said the company plans to send more employees to Position Partners Campus training courses in the coming months to ensure they are getting the most from their equipment.

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