New Z+F scanner unveiled at Locate17!

Z+F’s 5016 model is a smaller, faster and lighter 3D laser scanner than its predecessors, with the same reliability and accuracy the company’s instruments are renowned for.

With an extended 360-metre range and 360 x 320 degree field of view, the new 5016 enables precision scanning of larger areas, whilst reducing the number of scan positions required to a minimum.

In-field registration

Capturing more than one million points per second, the 5016 offers the same high quality scans and the unique in-field registration capability first introduced with the 5010X model. This ‘Blue Workflow’ involves an optimised surveying and data processing solution that enables users to register, check, edit and evaluate point cloud data in the field, whilst scanning. With automatic registration, this workflow ensures better data and target quality, more comprehensive data sets and more efficient use of field and office time.

Position Partners’ newly appointed Product Manager – Scanning Systems, Paul Malatzky, commented on the new model’s performance. “Z+F enjoys a great reputation for high quality 3D laser scanners for good reason, and the new 5016 model won’t disappoint. It’s the small form factor and user-friendly workflow make it enjoyable to use, whilst also delivering tangible benefits in terms of time-saving and data set clarity.”

All the bells and whistles

“As you would expect from an industry-leading instrument, it also comes with all the bells and whistles such as built-in GNSS, IMU and HDR camera so that it can handle a wide range of tasks and applications,” he added. “Handy features such as integrated LED spots and rapid picture capturing also save time in the field by eliminating the need for external light sources and reducing a full panoramic image set capture to three and a half minutes – an industry best.”

In what we believe to be an industry first, Position Partners and Z+F are partnering to offer free user training at Z+F’s headquarters in Germany with the purchase of every 5016 and 5010X model purchased. Training includes flights, accommodation and comprehensive product training for one person, at no extra cost.

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