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Statewide Kerbing

Sydney-based Statewide Kerbing takes paving to new speeds using Topcon Millimetre GPS and its own fleet of volumetric trucks, with a live breakfast demonstration this Thursday, 30th October.

Earlier this year, Statewide Kerbing became one of Australia’s first companies to adopt Topcon Millimetre GPS on the company’s new Power Curber 5700C paving machine. Since adopting machine control, the company has witnessed huge time savings by eliminating the use of pegs and stringlines.

Recently, Statewide Kerbing purchased an additional Power Curber machine, also fitted with Topcon mmGPS, along with its very own fleet of six volumetric trucks to enable the company not only to lay the concrete, but to mix it as well.

In what could well be an industry first in this country, Statewide Kerbing now offers clients a complete concrete paving solution without any delays from external concrete suppliers.

“Concrete supply delays add significant cost to a project and can quickly swallow up the time savings that the machine control system delivers,” explained company director, Warren Scattergood.

“With the Topcon system, we don’t spend the first part of the day setting out stringlines. That means we can be ready to pour at seven A.M., but if the concrete doesn’t arrive until ten we’ve wasted three hours in the day already,” he added.

“By batching the concrete ourselves as and when we need it, we eliminate the supply problem and control the full cycle – that means we can complete work faster and with a lot less material waste.”

Relying on external concrete suppliers means unavoidable material waste, Mr Scattergood explained, because there will inevitably be times when pouring is stopped to deal with a technical problem.

“The machine and the Topcon system are working like a dream, but assuming that they will work flawlessly every day without ever needing technical support is just naïve,” he said. “But by mixing the concrete ourselves, we are able to mitigate this risk and adapt production accordingly if and when technical problems arise.”

Mr Scattergood hopes that the new machines and technology will give Statewide Kerbing a significant competitive advantage by reducing the time and material costs on every project.

“We’ll be more efficient on the job, which will make the client more efficient and help keep the project running on, or ahead of, schedule,” he said.

Statewide Kerbing is consistently achieving three millimetre accuracy with the Power Curber and Topcon mmGPS combination, which it uses for barrier wall, standard RMS curbs and drain applications. In addition, the company has completely eliminated the use of stringlines thanks to the Topcon machine control system.

Live demonstration this Thursday!

The company is running a breakfast seminar and live demonstration of the Power Curber, Topcon mmGPS and volumetric truck combination this Thursday, 30th October from 8am to 11.30am, at the corner of South Street and Richmond Road, Marsden Park, Sydney.

Attendees can see a live pour of both a straight run and a chicane using the combines systems and machinery.

The event will also include presentations from Power Curber Oceania distributor, Aran, Topcon distributor, Position Partners and Volumetric Australia.

For more details and to register, call 02 4627 9000 or email

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