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Survey and Machine Control specialist company Position Partners has acquired the distribution rights for DynaRoad mass-haulage and scheduling software in Australia. Under the agreement, Position Partners will distribute and support DynaRoad in close collaboration with Dr Russell Kenley, CEO of Location Based Management Systems (LBMS).

The announcement follows the recent acquisition of Helsinki-based DynaRoad Oy by Topcon Positioning Group and the establishment of the Topcon Helsinki Technology Centre. The new centre will see collaboration and integration between Topcon’s positioning and machine control systems and DynaRoad’s construction project planning and scheduling solutions.

“As Topcon’s exclusive Australian partner, Position Partners and DynaRoad’s local supplier LBMS were able to take the opportunity to work together and create an ideal setup for the Australian market,” said Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO.  

“We are thrilled that Dr Kenley has agreed to work with us in an advisory capacity. His expertise with DynaRoad software will be a terrific asset to our customers and employees alike.”

Dr Kenley added: “The synergy between Topcon and DynaRoad from a development perspective will be mirrored in Australia at a distribution level, as I work alongside Position Partners to deliver well supported solutions to our customers.

“Market adoption of DynaRoad has grown considerably in recent years, so it is the perfect time for Position Partners to take on the distribution. As a national company with extensive knowledge of the civil construction industry, they are the ideal fit,” Dr Kenley said.

DynaRoad is a workflow solution specifically designed for major earthworks projects. In addition to traditional project management software, it features mass-haul optimisation, advanced resource-based scheduling and site monitoring. DynaRoad can build powerful models to rapidly calculate and optimise haul distances, reduce the need for stockpiling and plan and control project execution.

The DynaRoad software when combined with Position Partners’ Tokara telematics and Topcon’s SiteLink 3D Enterprise platform will create an integrated machine control and planning solution for all phases of an earthworks project, including estimation and pre-planning, through to construction and completion. 

About Position Partners

With offices in every state and more than 200 people, Position Partners is the largest Australian-owned company that focuses entirely on the distribution and support of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil works, mining and building projects. At Position Partners, we are committed to increasing productivity for our customers and building lasting business relationships around high calibre positioning activities.

Position Partners is Topcon’s exclusive Australian partner for machine control and positioning systems. A full range of leading instruments and systems is backed by superior service and industry expertise to give our customers the support they need for any project.

About LBMS

LBMS is working at the international leading edge of the development of new systems for the efficient production management of construction. We work in cooperation with international developers Vico Software and DynaRoad. These are developing major new systems to support those construction firms who wish to work faster and smarter. Currently we are expanding a suite of procurement tools to deliver work-flow solutions in construction. Right now we can improve productivity, reduce cost and harmonise your projects.

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