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Position Partners is to introduce the new Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system (UAS) mapping technology to the Australian market, having signed an agreement as the Australian distributor for the company.

Gatewing, headquartered in Belgium, recently launched its X100 UAS system to provide automated aerial photography and digital terrain mapping for a wide range of spatial and mapping applications, including mining, civil construction and environmental assessment.

“Gatewing’s innovative approach makes UAS mapping very accessible. We are pleased to be their Australian distribution partner and provide UAS innovation to our customers,” said Martin Nix, CEO of Position Partners.

“For many applications, it is a very, very viable alternative to traditional ground-based surveying or costly aerial photogrammetry.”

The Gatewing X100 has a removable “black box” unit, which includes the GPS navigation system and radio modem.

Pre-programmed take-off, flight path and landing are managed via a rugged hand held-field computer. Its payload bay holds a high capacity battery that allows for a 45-minute flight, as well as a professional 10Mp digital camera.

The flying and image acquisition process is extremely straightforward and highly automated with manual fail-safe routines, said Nix.

“Its unique combination of carbon fibre frame, 1 m wingspan and propeller tail make the X100 the most portable, yet stable UAS, able to  produce maps to 5 cm level even in 60 km/h winds.”

Images are processed via state-of-the-art digital image photogrammetry software for conversion to orthophotos or 3D digital terrain models and GIS or CAD files. 

Complementary spatial systems from Position Partners, allowing it to offer a full suite of aerial mapping solutions, include EnsoMosaic UAS image processing and 3D viewing software.

Maarten Vandenbroucke, Managing Director of Gatewing, said Position Partners was an ideal distributor for his company’s products.

“Because the Gatewing X100 can be used in such a diverse range of applications, from topographic surveying, to infrastructure mapping and mine site updates, it was important to find an Australia-wide partner that caters for the needs of these customers.

Position Partners was the perfect fit, and we are now looking forward to introducing the X100 with a joint product roadshow around Australia in late May.”

Position Partners and Gatewing with be launching the Gatewing X100 via a series of roadshows around the country in late May.

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About Gatewing

Gatewing designs and builds the world’s fastest and easiest to use remote sensing solution. Based on the revolutionary X100 light unmanned aircraft, a solution for rapid terrain mapping was built. It consists of an image acquisition field operation and full digital and automated image processing.

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