Position Partners releases Drought and Hardship Relief Program for farmers using AllDayRTK service

Position Partners has created a Drought and Hardship Relief Program to assist customers using the company’s AllDayRTK Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network service who are experiencing financial hardship. The program is available when drought is declared by the relevant government authority, as well as for extreme events like recovery from fire or floods.

Position Partners recognises the hardship faced by Australia’s farming community due to the current drought affecting large areas of the country. To give some practical support, customers using the company’s national RTK network service AllDayRTK can draw on a new Drought and Hardship Relief Program. The program aims to provide financial assistance to cover periods of hardship caused by drought, fire, flood or other extreme events, by extending subscriptions free of charge to existing customers.

AllDayRTK is a CORS network service that combines Government-operated and privately owned GNSS reference station infrastructure to provide RTK precision, reliable positioning services for a wide range of applications across the agriculture, construction, mining and geospatial sectors.

“AllDayRTK is used by farmers and others working in the agricultural industry to provide high accuracy GNSS positioning services for precision farming applications,” said James Millner, GNSS Infrastructure Manager for Position Partners. “Our Drought and Hardship Relief Program offers a way to support our farmers that are doing it tough in the current drought, giving them continued access to the technology they need without adding further financial strain.”

Farmers in a drought declared area, or who are subject to a state of emergency for flood or fire, and who are suffering financial hardship as a result can apply for relief by emailing the AllDayRTK team at alldayrtk@positionpartners.com.au and briefly outlining their situation.

For more information about AllDayRTK, contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266 or visit https://www.positionpartners.com.au/news/position-partners/position-partners-investing-in-best-of-breed-infrastructure-for-the-future-with-alldayrtk/

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