Position Partners congratulates Richard Jackson on his appointment to Lead Product Management for Machine Control and GeoPositioning for Topcon Positioning Group.

Richard Jackson - Topcon

Passionate and visionary product engineer Richard Jackson will manage machine control and GeoPositioning product lines globally for Topcon Positioning Group.

Position Partners congratulates Richard Jackson on his latest promotion within Topcon Positioning Group. Based in Topcon’s Research and Development (R&D) facility in Brisbane, Australia, Mr Jackson has worked for the company for 21 years and has a longstanding working relationship with the Position Partners team, Topcon’s exclusive Australian Distributor.

“Richard is an innovative and skilled engineer who keeps the end user in mind when developing solutions,” said Martin Nix, CEO of Position Partners. “We congratulate him on his appointment to lead the product management across not only machine control out of Brisbane but also surveying and geospatial instruments worldwide. We value our relationship enormously and the ability to communicate insights from our local customers for consideration in the global R&D process.”

In his new role as senior vice president of product management, Mr Jackson will work with product management, engineering and business unit leaders across the Topcon group to develop a strategic plan that optimises and streamlines the machine control and geopositioning product roadmap.

“There are tremendous cross-business opportunities to be leveraged by working across the machine control and geopositioning portfolios and I am excited to work with my colleagues across Topcon to realise these benefits,” Mr Jackson said.

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