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Trinity: UAS in-flight stability like no other

Ascending Technologies pushes the boundaries of Unpiloted Aerial System (UAS) technology with the release of Trinity autopilot control. Developed as part of the E-Volo project, which saw the first piloted, automatic multicopter take to the air, Trinity was designed to deliver the safety required to put a person on-board an UAV – click here to watch the video!

Trinity includes three Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) that enhance in-flight performance, precision and safety. With triple redundancy, triple processing power and continuous position, altitude and orientation checks during flight, Trinity delivers unbeatable stability in the air. Built-in smarts such as automatic centre of gravity adjustment enable the UAV to compensate for changes in battery, payload or camera lens. New sensors and micro-processors calculate exact speed, altitude and position, to eliminate disorientation and make the Falcon 8 UAV more responsive than ever.

Trinity enhances the Falcon 8’s wind compensation and resistance to magnetic interferences, weak GNSS signal or temperature variations. Improved stability during initialisation and take off gives increased safety and predictability when taking off on uneven or tight areas. Watch this video to learn more about Trinity autopilot control for the Falcon 8 UAV by Ascending Technologies, and contact your nearest Position Partners UAS specialist to discuss your next project!

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